Secret Service Agent Faces MAJOR Backlash After What She Just Said About Trump

Secret Service Agent Faces MAJOR Backlash After What She Just Said About Trump

A United States Secret Service agent may be in trouble after posting on social media that she would not defend president Donald Trump if the situation would require it. On Tuesday, the Secret Service said that it is looking into it and taking “appropriate action”. The name of the agent is Kerry O’Grady, and she is a senior agent in the Denver field office.

A series of controversial remarks

Back in October, O’Grady made all these anti-Trump postings on her Facebook account. She eventually deleted them, but now they somehow resurfaced. In the posts, she was saying that she was a supporter of Democrat Hillary Clinton, adding the “I am with Her” slogan. Also, O’Grady was stating that she would not abide by a federal law which forbids agents to make their political beliefs public. She also specified that even if agents like her are expected to take a bullet for both sides, she would choose jail time over defending Donald Trump.

In an official statement released on Tuesday, the Secret Service stated that it was aware of the posts belonging to Kerry O’Grady and that it would act on the matter quickly. The statement also said that any agent who refuses to honor the federal laws is going to be investigated and, if the situation requires it, punished. She made those comments back in October, right in the middle of Trump’s scandal with the women who accused him of forcefully groping and kissing them. Also, at the time, the discussion was revolving around the tape which showed Donald Trump making inappropriate comments about women.

O’Grady regrets what she said

According to some sources familiar with the matter, Kerry O’Grady posted her comments on her personal Facebook page. However, it is still unclear whether or not she was working when she posted her opinions. The Secret Services are reportedly very disappointed with their agent’s behavior and ideas about her mission. Especially because the services worked hard during the presidential campaign and they did a very good job.

In an interview, Kerry O’Grady said that she deeply regrets what she chose to post back then. According to her, she was going through an “internal struggle” at the time. In consequence, she posted those comments without thinking and regretted them immediately afterwards. O’Grady also stated that this is not her opinion about her mission and that she cares about her job deeply.

The Secret Services actually needed to step in on some occasions in order to protect Donald Trump. For example, in the final week-end before Election Day, agents took the president off a stage in Reno, Nevada. According to some reports, there was a misunderstanding in the crowd, right in front of the stage. At one point, a person even shouted “Gun!”, which made the agents intervene and take Trump off the stage, in the middle of the rally. Fortunately, the agents found no gun nowhere near the gathering. All in all, it seems like even if Secret Agents have their own opinions, they should keep those to themselves if they do not want things to end badly for them. A lesson which everybody should learn.

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