Secret Service Director Will Let Trump Decide

Secret Service Director Will Let Trump Decide

The Secret Service director was hired two years ago by Barack Obama to take care and restore discipline. During that time, the agency was going through a series of issues and scandals. Now, Joseph P. Clancy announced that he would retire next month. He also stated that Donald Trump should see this move as an invitation to choose his own man as director of the Secret Service. Under him, the agency managed to escape some dark times during which it had 500 fewer people on staff than it was allowed to have. With Clancy, the service handled a papal visit and a presidential campaign, among many other important events. It also started hiring more agents and corrected some mistakes from the past.

Leaving after two years

All those troubles in the Secret Service agency began back in 2012. Some agents who were working in Colombia to prepare Former President Obama’s visit brought prostitutes to their hotel rooms. Because of that incident, several agents were dismissed and the agency began losing credibility. In 2014, they did not stop an armed guard from entering an elevator with Barack Obama. The man was working for a private security agency and by allowing him to ride the elevator with the president, the Secret Service broke its own protocol. And the problems did not stop here. Just a few days after the elevator incident, another man, a mentally ill and limping veteran, armed with a knife, scaled the fence of the White House. Moreover, he ran over the entire lawn and even entered the building. The agents stopped him when he was already inside.

Numerous times people reportedly managed to pass the security screenings and got close to the president. According to officials, all these problems happened because the agency did not have enough agents at the time. So, they were not able to do their job properly and at the highest standards possible.

Clancy helped the agency

According to Clancy himself, one of the moments when he was most proud of his agents was during Pope Francis’ visit in the United States. In the fall of 2015, his agents needed to simultaneously guard the Pope and other 170 foreign officials during a four-city visit. Many have said that he was a calm person who did everything he had to do to help the agency.

Clancy became a Secret Service agent in 1984. He retired from the job in 2011. After that, he chose to return home in Philadelphia and became the security director for Comcast. In October 2014, he agreed to become the interim director of the agency. During that same day, Obama accepted the resignation of Secret Service president Julia Pierson. All of those embarrassing moments which involved drunken agents and prostitute in hotel rooms happened during Pierson’s watch. In 2015, the president needed to quickly pick someone from the outside as the permanent director of the Secret Service. Obama chose Clancy. There are a few names which people are speculating and from which the new director might be chosen: George Mulligan, Mickey Nelson and William Callahan.

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