Senate Republicans Unite Thanks to An Unlikely Democrat

Senate Republicans Unite Thanks to An Unlikely Democrat

On Tuesday, Senator Elizabeth Warren was silenced on the Senate floor because she criticized one of her colleagues, Senator Jeff Sessions, the nominee for attorney general. On Wednesday, she became something more. Warren became a voice for the liberal resistance in the middle of a tense situation. Republican Senators have rallied saying this was long overdue. After her message, the Senate started a heated debate concerning Sessions’ nomination.

Warren’s voice was heard loud even if she was formally silenced by the Republicans. On Wednesday Senate Democrats continued to read from the letter and slammed Senator Session’s. It was part of a “dog and pony show’ and Sessions was finally confirmed on Wednesday night.
However, there were many people who criticized Elizabeth Warren too. According to them, she might have wanted a place in the spotlight. Because of this, she needed to pin both sides against each other. She succeeded even if she needed to shut up, eventually. One thing which not many people know is the fact that Warren may be a frontrunner for the 2020 presidential campaign. She failed to enter the 2016 race, but she might do so in three years time.

Republican Sen. Lindsey Graham says the silencing of Sen. Elizabeth Warren on the Senate floor Tuesday was “long overdue.”

The South Carolina senator appeared on the Mike Gallagher Show Wednesday, where he said Warren reading the letter from Coretta Scott King — in which she expressed opposition to Jeff Sessions’ nomination to the federal bench in 1986 — was defamatory to Sessions, now an Alabama senator. The Massachusetts Democrat was ruled to be in violation of Senate rules for impugning another senator.
“The bottom line is, it was long overdue with her,” he said. “I mean, she is clearly running for the nomination in 2020.”
“The Democratic Party is being pushed really hard by the most extreme voices in their community, and they just don’t know how to handle it,” he added. “If they empower her, then I think the Democratic Party is gonna lose way with the vast majority of the American people.”

Democrats claim bias but the truth is Warren was just grandstanding to become relevant in an irrelevant party.

Image source: CNN