Serena Williams no longer No. 1. How will this affect Women’s Tennis?

Serena Williams no longer No. 1. How will this affect Women’s Tennis?

Serena Williams lost her semi-final at the US Open. Not a big deal right? But she lost the number 1 spot too that day after 186 weeks. The current world number 1 player is Angelique Kerber, who actually won the US Open grand slam.

This week, while preparing for the Wuhan Tournament in China, French Open winner and world number three Garbine Muguruza shared her thoughts regarding this enormous change.

It was about time

The Spaniard said that it was about time women’s tennis had a fresh faced leader. She explained that it is not a matter of personal preference or anything like this. It’s just that change is sometimes good for the sport. And for everything else in general.

Serena Williams lost her US Open semi-final after Czech player Karolina Pliskova beat her. Then, Kerber faced Pliskova in the final and ended up claiming the US crown for herself, thus beginning her reign atop the women’s professional tennis ranking. This was actually Kerber’s second Grand Slam trophy this year, after winning The Australian Open in January where she beat the same Serena Williams in the final.

Garbine Muguruza also managed to beat Serena Williams in the French Open final in June, claiming her first ever grand slam trophy.

A boost in confidence

World number five, Romanian Simona Halep also gave reporters in Wuhan her opinion in regard with this matter. She declared that seeing Williams fall from that high pedestal where she had been sitting since February 2013, made everyone including herself feel like it can be done. She called it a confidence boost. Simona said that when you, as a player, see that Serena is no longer there winning each and every tournament, it’s making you feel like it is finally possible.

Halep ended last year as world number two but she has fell to number five since then. She now feels like she has a big shot at winning her first grand slam tournament. She says that she now believes more and more in herself and that every player out there should too.

An open door

Carla Suarez Navarro, world number eight, shared her colleagues’ opinions. She felt Williams’ fall from the number 1 spot as an “open door”. She admits that Serena is form another league, but since last year, she has not been the same player she once was. And this might mean something. Or a lot of things.

As for Kerber’s success, the players believe that consistency is what brought her to the number one spot. Every tournament she’s in the final stages, so that must be the key. Hard work and dedication. Work ethic and perseveration. Because every player out there knows how to play the game. It is not about this anymore, nor about the play style. Because sometimes the question of force comes into play. The players think that this is not the problem anymore. Ok, force might win you matches, but it will not get you all the way up. You need some other things in order to succeed at the very top.

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