Snapchat Shuts Down Local Stories

Snapchat Shuts Down Local Stories

Snapchat is an image messaging application. The company headquarters are located in Venice, California. It is an up-and-coming company in the social networking business.

Snapchat is very popular, especially with young people. But as with every new company some of its ideas can be a hit and miss. It looks like one idea that was barely off the ground is going to be shut down soon enough. They haven’t made the official announcement yet. But it looks like Snapchat is going to be saying good-bye to its Local Stories feature.

Local Stories

You may not know what Local Stories are. Well, if you’re familiar with Snapchat’s Live Stories feature we’ve got a starting point. Local Stories were brief highlight reels, similar to Live Stories. With Local Stories the focus was on user footage of day to day activities. The location of the reels was an interesting, vibrant city like New York.

Users would get access to Local Stories in the section Stories. And in the section Discover as well. Basically, it employed user generated content to paint a lively, colorful picture of a certain location.

Last year, Snapchat inaugurated Local Stories globally. It started curating local footage from interesting cities in Dubai, Pakistan and Malaysia.

Word about Snapchat is that they are planning to focus their resources on bigger live attractions. With that logic in mind, it really didn’t make much sense to keep Local Stories going.

However, the company has not officially acknowledged shutting down Local Stories yet.

They have confirmed that a small numbers of Snapchat staff that were working on Local Stories in Los Angeles and New York are no longer with the company. Allegedly, the job losses are from changes in coverage. In a statement, the company had this to say: “We’re thankful for the contributions from these team members”

Bloomberg managed to find out more from sources who wanted to keep their anonymity. Apparently, 15 Snapchat curators were recently eliminated from the project. The sources quoted by Bloomberg said that Local Stories were just not popular. Not as popular as the app’s other features at least.

The Focus for Snapchat

The changes that Snapchat is making when it comes to coverage is moving from the mundane towards bigger events. Moving away from day to day trivia to big, celebrity-packed events.

These events include covering New York Fashion Week. And Season 4 of Kanye West’s Yeezy runway show. It also includes a Back to School story.

Previous events for Snapchat included sponsored highlights and, also, behind-the-scenes footage from events such as the Super Bowl and the U.S. Open.

Snapchat has more deals planned for the future. Deals regarding content. They plan to go as far as striking deals for video series, from their media partners, Discover.

MTV and Comedy Central are already producing short segments for the app. One of them is MTV Cribs for the mobile format.

Snapchat is forecast to register double-digit growth for this year and for the next. Revenue for the year 2017 is predicted at around $1 billion.


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