After Solomon Islands Earthquake, Tsunami Warning Cancelled

After Solomon Islands Earthquake, Tsunami Warning Cancelled

On Friday, a very powerful 7.8 magnitude earthquake hit The Solomon Islands. Authorities warned the population that tsunami waves might hit after the quake’s many aftershocks. Everyone went to higher ground in order to be safe from the waves. Fortunately, it seems like the authorities cancelled today the warning in the Pacific islands. They said that the earthquake was not likely to provoke any serious tsunami waves.

Fortunately, no victims or serious damages

The authorities in the Solomon Islands said that they did not find any victims. Also, the buildings have not been seriously damaged. Still, they warned that communication might be pretty difficult. The archipelago has around 900 islands. During World War Two, many naval battles took place here.

A few hours after the earthquake, people of the islands seemed to be going back to their usual routines. The Makira province is the closest one to the quake’s epicenter, and people there were still afraid that a strong aftershock might still hit. The earthquake was an underwater one, 30 miles deep. The deeper they are, the less damage they produce on earth. It hit about 120 miles southeast of Honiara. This was actually the reason why the authorities were so quick to warn the population of the dangers of a big wave.

However, even if the Pacific Tsunami Warning Center cancelled the warning, this does not mean that the threat has passed. This is why some residents of Makira went to higher ground as they feared big waves and unusual tides and currents. Twelve hours after the initial quake, a region east of the capital of Honiara was still suffering from aftershocks.

The residents felt safe on higher ground so they went on a hill. According to a report, around 600 villagers were staying there in the hope that what was worse had passed and nothing will happen. The capital was reportedly not very affected, people were safe and no damages were registered.

An earthquake with a magnitude of 7.8

Initially, the Geological Survey said that the earthquake had a 8.0 magnitude. Later, they came back to their statement and clarified that the quake only had a 7.8 magnitude. According to a politician, the southern parts of the islands were the most shaken by the quake. According to witnesses, the waves took the canoes away along with some small beach houses. Fortunately, the villagers were already gone when this happened.

The Solomon Islands are part of the “Pacific Ring of Fire”. However, this is not the first strong earthquake to hit the islands. Back in 2007, a huge tsunami which hit as a follow up of a 8.1 magnitude earthquake killed 50 people. Also, it destroyed 13 villages and many people were reported missing.

All in all, it seems like the recent earthquake did not injure or kill anyone and fortunately, no severe damages were registered either. The recent months have been full of earthquakes in various parts of the Earth. Let’s remember the very strong one which hit Italy a few months ago, plus many other smaller ones.

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