Alt Left Group Pulls Stunt At the Statue of Liberty

Alt Left Group Pulls Stunt At the Statue of Liberty

On Tuesday, a group of activists draped the feet of the Statue of Liberty from Liberty Island in a giant red and white banner which read “Refugees Welcome”. The authorities from the park quickly intervened and tried to remove it. Still, the message spread immediately on the social media platforms and most of the people praised the initiative. It is interesting that Lady Liberty sometimes represents the American Dream, the country’s history regarding immigration and other times it just stands for freedom. Also, this group thought that all of these meanings blended well with the country’s current situation in what concerns the immigrants. The result of their effort filled the Internet and sparked lots of reactions.

Lady Liberty welcomes refugees

The banner measured 3 ft by 20 ft and the group placed it around the Statue’s observation deck. This is right at the feet of Lady Liberty. Furthermore, the incident happened right after the Department of Homeland Security announced new immigration policies and what they might mean for the immigrants. The people who claimed responsibility for the action is part of the group called Alt Lady Liberty. According to an e-mail which they sent to CNN, their act was supposed to remind everyone that welcoming refugees into the country represents the very essence of the American culture and civilization.

 It is something that represents America as a people and nobody should forget this. The group also stated that almost all American people have at least one foreign descendant. The United States identifies as a nation of immigrants. Consequently, it is something deeply rooted in the nation’s history. They ended the e-mail by saying that all immigrants, no matter if they are Muslims or of any other faith, are welcome into the United States.

A strong message

Especially relevant is the fact that the authorities do not allow anyone to place anything on any part of the Statue of Liberty. However, the banner stood there for over an hour before they managed to get it off. Still, people took lots of photos of the banner and spread them across the Internet. Furthermore, various activist groups and people who support the movement shared those on the social media platforms.

Moreover, someone even created a new Twitter account named Alt Lady Liberty which has been sharing pictures of the statue draped in the banner. Also, it is ironical that the authorities removed and deemed as an act of vandalism a banner which states the very reason why Lady Liberty exists in the first place. Between 1886 and 1924, the Statue of Liberty was the one welcoming 14 million immigrants into the United States. In addition, a Twitter user impressed a lot of people by quoting a verse from the “The New Colossus”, which visitors can find inside the statue’s pedestal.