Ted Poe Resigns from House Freedom Caucus After Health Bill Fail

Ted Poe Resigns from House Freedom Caucus After Health Bill Fail

On Sunday, Ted Poe, an important face of the conservative House Freedom Caucus, officially announced his resignation. The decision came after the Republican health care plan which was meant to repeal and replace Obamacare failed on the House floor, on Friday. The Texas Republican released an official statement. In it, he said that he now wants to lead the people of America towards what the conservatives have promised for eight years. He encouraged people to unite and keep on fighting even if it is hard sometimes. He ended the statement by saying that leaving House Freedom Caucus will allow him to be a more active Congress member and advocate for Texas.

The health care plan failed to pass vote

On Friday, the House leaders did not pass the health care bill because the Republicans failed to gather enough votes. Freedom Caucus was maybe the biggest adversary, as it managed to form an opposition and stopped the bill from passing. After what happened, the Republican party announced that their seven-year efforts to repeal and replace Obamacare stop here. Also, that they have other important things to do. However, some people familiar with the situation have said that Ted Poe might only be the first person going down after the bill’s defeat. More could follow.

The caucus’ chairman, Mark Meadows, often said that he was making huge efforts to gather positive votes from his members. Unfortunately, come Friday, he was not able to. President Donald Trump even made some changes to the bill at one point. Everything in order to convince House Freedom Caucus to change their mind. However, the caucus’ members did not accept the changes, as they were not what they wanted. According to some sources, at the time, the president felt very insulted and hurt by the group’s rejection.

Donald Trump attacks

On Sunday morning, president Donald Trump posted one of his famous Twitter messages. In it, he is attacking House Freedom Caucus. However, the Republicans from the caucus were not the only ones who completely rejected the Republican health care bill. For example, some moderates, among them being Charlie Dent of Pennsylvania and House Appropriations Chairman Rodney Frelinghuysen, did the same thing.

However, a senior aide declared on Sunday, after Poe announced his resignation, that the caucus has a long “history of losing members”. According to him, they are famous for being a group of agitators. However, there is a problem. As a politician, you are not in a good position being part of a group which brought down the administration’s first big legislative effort. So, now, many of its members are going to leave their positions inside the caucus. All in all, it seems like even after the Republicans health care bill failed to pass, the controversy is still going on. And it will probably continue entire days.

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