Telstra Mobile and Internet Outage Caused by Human Error

The Telstra mobile and Internet outage caused by human error will have its consequences.

The Telstra mobile and Internet outage caused by human error has affected the whole Australian continent. The chief operations officer of Telstra, Kate McKenzie, was the one to declare that the workers were to blame for the unpleasant occurrence.

It started on Tuesday at noon, when many customers of Telstra took to the Internet by other means to complain about the fact that the mobile and Internet services provided by the largest telecommunications company in Australia were not working anymore. The service status page of Telstra was colored in red since ADSL lines, 4G, 3G and 2G mobile were also interrupted across certain regions.

McKenzie stated for 9 News that someone in particular had caused the outage, in an “embarrassing human error” that caused a node to malfunction. Apparently, the individual failed to follow the standard procedure for managing the problem by reconnecting customers to a malfunctioning node instead of one of the other nine operating nodes. The chief operations officer concluded that the majority of Telstra customers are back online.

Unfortunately, by 5:30 p.m. many areas were still marked in red on the service status page. The company has stated it will provide free data for some customers in compensation for the unpleasant event.

However, the outage was not truly complete as other customers from different regions were not affected and could still use their mobile and Internet connections. The most affected cities as shown on the outage map were Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Perth and Adelaide. Fortunately, even with this problem, people should be able to call emergency services if needed. For example, the online and SMS warning system set up by the Department of Fire and Emergency Services of Western Australia was down, but the landlines could still be used for those who were in the Myalup fire zone.

The error will surely have a great impact on Internet platforms like Google Maps and Instagram, but also on numerous businesses. During the outage, many customers took to Twitter to either ask about the problem or suggest solutions. Some even made jokes about the whole situation, and Telstra responded with the same humor.

Even though it is expected to have a negative effect on businesses and corporations, it seems the Telstra mobile and Internet outage caused by human error did not anger many customers. Events like this happen every now and then because in the end we are all human and are prone to make mistakes. Let’s just hope it will be quite some time until the next similar occurrence.

Image Source: Gizmodo Australia