Tensions between U.S. and Israel are escalating even more

Tensions between U.S. and Israel are escalating even more

On Wednesday, Secretary of State John Kerry held a speech in which he defended United States’ decision to permit the UN to pass a resolution which condemns some settlements in Israel. The Obama administration tried to keep the approach to Middle East as Kerry said that this solution involving two states is in serious danger. This is all happening just a few weeks before president-elect Donald Trump takes office at the White House.

A valedictorian speech

What Kerry said in his speech resembled a warning for the incoming Trump administration. He talked in what is probably his final speech regarding this conflict, about the basic principles of the United States. The final goal of a separate Palestine coexisting near Israel and the fact that those settlements are obstacles for peace. Also, that the city of Jerusalem should act as both the capital of Palestine and Israel. It is a known fact that president-elect Donald Trump said numerous times that he might step on these principles when he takes office. Mr. Kerry also specified this detail.

Apart from talking about this tense situation, Kerry harshly criticized Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and the country’s violent approach. He also condemned his decision to build settlements for Jews on the territory of Palestine, thus making impossible a two-state solution. As for the UN resolution, he declared that the United States could not veto it. The Secretary of State’s speech marks one of his last efforts to maintain peace. It also comes at a time when apart from the tense U.S.-Israel relations, Obama and Netanyahu also have something against each other. They were not shy to attack one another on countless occasions.

Trump ‘s ally, Netanyahu

A few hours before John Kerry ‘s speech, president-elect Donald Trump took to Twitter to post some rather unsettling messages. They were all about the Middle East situation. He stated that the United States cannot continue to disrespect Israel and that the country was once a great friend of the U.S. Moreover, he also mentioned the Iran deal which he deemed “the beginning of the end”. Also, he put the recent UN resolution in the same boat. Trump ended his message by telling Israel to “stay strong” because on January 20, everything will change.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu was quick to respond to Trump ‘s tweets. He thanked the president-elect for his support and friendship. He also directed the message at Ivanka Trump and Donald Trump Jr. Analysts agree that we are living some very bizarre times. This situation when a president-elect conspires with a foreign leader to undermine the current U.S. president is certainly weird. Nobody cares about diplomacy and respect anymore. They are all saying what is going on in their heads, even if sometimes, maybe it is not the right thing.

What is even more upsetting it is the fact that Trump seems to be starting a trend with his short, unconcluded Twitter messages that leave everyone baffled. One thing is sure, Donald Trump will be a much different president than America ever had. Let’s just hope that he will not exaggerate, although, it is hard to imagine he will not.

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