The Binding of Isaac App Was Blocked by Apple

The Binding of Isaac App was blocked by Apple for its violent content.

It seems some games have unacceptable levels of violence, since The Binding of Isaac App was blocked by Apple. The game is actually a spin of the Binding of Isaac story from the Bible. However, given the amount of violence one can find on iTunes, this decision seems to be biased.

The news was reported on Twitter by Tyrone Rodriguez who is the founder of studio Nicalis. The Binding of Isaac: Reborn was rejected by the Apple Store because it apparently portrays violent acts against children. Even though it is based on the episode in the Bible when Abraham has to sacrifice Isaac, his son, the game shows the story of a young boy trapped in a basement by his mother. Isaac has to pass by all sorts of monsters in order to escape de dungeon.

This comes just as another proof of the double standards of Apple. While The Binding of Isaac might feature violence against children, there are still numerous other apps and video games on iTunes that contain plenty of it. Furthermore, it seems users can buy content even from convicted abusers. But why are Apple’s actions so important?

Well, simply because of the enormous market controlled by the company. The Apple Store contains about half of the mobile gaming business, evaluated at $30 billion. Users have no option of downloading banned content because the iOS is a closed system.

The developers of The Binding of Isaac are as disappointed as the users. Edmund McMillen has declared that Apple does not have respect for video games, and it does not see them as art. He also added that the company has thus declared all video games kids toys that have no artistic value whatsoever.

On the other hand, Apple does not seem to have any problems with games that manipulate the player into spending money. For instance, Puzzle & Dragons exploits people in moments when they are pressed, such as before the battle with a boss. In such moments, this game prompts users to pay $1 to insure their character gets to keep his items even if he dies in the battle. Taking into consideration that usually such dungeons take a long time to complete, it is understandable that people prefer to pay the fee and not lose all their progress.

Taking all this information into consideration, the fact that The Binding of Isaac App was blocked by Apple can only point towards the preferential system of the company. If an item does not make enough profit, there will always be excuses to take it down to make space for other content.

Image Source: The Jimquisition