The New Simpsons Search Engine Is Here

Fans can rejoyce since the new Simpsons search engine is here.

Fans of the sitcom will easily find all their beloved quotes and scenes thanks to Frinkiac.

The new Simpsons search engine is here and is sure to keep you entertained every day of the week. The new engine has access to over three million screenshots from the beloved sitcom, and has been promoted by ex-writer and producer Bill Oakley.

The Simpsons fans can easily be split in two categories: the ones who enjoy the show and the ones who include numerous quotes from the TV series into their daily conversations. If you are part of the latter then you will surely be more than happy to use Frinkiac, an immense database comprised of countless Simpsons quotes. All you need to so is enter the quote in the search bar and you will be presented with the screenshot from the sitcom.

The database includes moments from the first season until the fifteenth one. However, it also contains some unexpected surprises. For example, if you search for “kaboom”, you will be presented with Luann Van Houten who sets fire to her ex-husband’s box of belongings, or the geode of Martin Prince, or Rex Banner during his birthday who waits for a banana split.

What is even better is that you can also make your own personal meme in order to express yourself. You can choose from the vast amount of screenshots and add a quote of your choice. Furthermore, you can also type you own text in the popular Simpsons font.

So how does Frinkiac actually work? In order to generate the screen clips, the search engine has to cut scenes into several parts and afterwards compare the color of each of them with the one that was generated before. Thus, if the difference is significant, Frinkiac is set to save a new clip. The engine also goes through the subtitles of each episode and can match them to their respective scene, by correlating the time stamps of the visuals and the dialogue. Since Frinkiac has just been released, there are still a couple of bugs the developers have to deal with.

The new Simpsons search engine is here for all fans of the sitcom and can be accessed at Should you wish to check it out, we advise you to do it as soon as possible since Frinkiac might be the subject of a copyright claim from Fox sooner rather than later.

Image Source: Quotes Gram