To Be Or Not To Be Fake News, That Is the Networks Question

To Be Or Not To Be Fake News, That Is the Networks Question

If you have ever watched the film “Good Night, and Good Luck”, then you know that the story is about the true events of CBS News’s Edward R Murrow taking on the formidable Joseph McCarthy. During this time the media was the news and politics were politics; they never were the same thing. Over the past 16 years, the American people have found a fence between media outlets; that Fox News is right and CNN is left, that Republicans have an influence on Fox as the Democrats influence CNN. This divide has brought the American people to today. The media against Trump.

During Trump’s recent trip to Brussels, the President did it again…attacked the media. Many have been asking: “Why is he attacking the media”. Is it possible though that the many media outlets have left out information because of their political affiliation for ratings? Possibly but that’s not what we’re here to determine.

According to USA TODAY and CNN, Trump said in his speech that Sweden underwent some terrorist issues. “You look at what’s happening in Germany…you look what’s happening last night in Sweden…Sweden who would believe this Sweden”. These remarks came from a speech Trump made regarding global terror and general safety to our borders. CNN even makes a statement declaring that Trump’s comments on Sweden were in regards to a Fox News report on immigrants flooding into Sweden, that the issues Sweden is having are in reference to why their crime has risen.

In an article written by CNN’s Kevin Liptak and Jeremy Diamond Trump said “the media is America’s enemy” in a piece about Vice President Pence’s backing on the continuance to go after the media. “Pence insisted that both he and Trump “support a free and independent press” during a news conference at NATO headquarters in Brussels”. So is the media an enemy to the American people?

The information that can be gathered is that it’s a matter of freedom of speech. Obviously, we expect both the media and our President to be truthful. However, it’s difficult for Americans to decide on who to believe when one media outlet is saying one thing while another is saying something else all while that information is contradicting what the president says. The expectation from the media should be news that is subjective and not politically motivated to reflect ratings. Consequently, there is no fence.

Source: CNN, USA Today