Tom Hiddleston apologizes for Highly Criticized Golden Globes Speech

Tom Hiddleston apologizes for Highly Criticized Golden Globes Speech

As a follow-up of his highly criticized Golden Globe speech for his role in “The Night Manager”, actor Tom Hiddleston apologized in a Facebook message. He acknowledged the fact that he did not use the best words to express his ideas and deemed the speech as being “inelegantly expressed”.

A controversial speech

Tom Hiddleston received the award for Best Actor in a Limited Series or Motion Picture for TV, his first Golden Globe ever, on Sunday. What followed was a very weirdly expressed speech about his humanitarian work in South Sudan, Africa. The speech could have been great had it not sounded so much like self-praise. The problem with it, as many people on the Internet and at the awards noticed, was that Hiddleston managed to somehow turn it around and make it about himself and his show. He, at one point, said that those people who were working there came to him to say that they had binge-watched “The Night Manager”. There is no doubt that Tom had good intentions with his speech, but maybe because of nerves, he did not use the right words to express them.

Twitter users were the first to criticize him. Some called his speech “cringeworthy” while some used other, more obscene words. Many told him to take notes from what Meryl Streep said and learn from her. The actress delivered an outstanding speech targeting president-elect Donald Trump and the fact that he once mocked a disabled reporter.

Falling popularity and an apology letter

However, this is not the first time that Tom Hiddleston caught the Internet’s attention, and not in a good way. In September, he split from singer Taylor Swift after three months of dating. Their relationship appeared suddenly and it was all over the Internet, magazines and papers. Incredibly qualitative photos and weird declarations made everyone question the validity of their relationship. Many said that it was just a popularity stunt to put them both back into the spotlight. Others said that Tom was the reason Taylor split from DJ Calvin Harris after dating for quite some time. He received many critics back then too and it seems like he cannot escape the rage of the Internet.

As for his apology letter on Facebook, Tom said that he too noticed that his “words came out wrong”. He stated that he only wanted to thank everyone involved in those very important UNICEF projects. Also, to thank the kids in South Sudan. The actor said that those children are living in very harsh conditions and they are still happy and strong.

It is interesting to note that Tom Hiddleston is not the only person who got some things wrong at the Golden Globes. Jenna Bush also had some trouble and told Pharrell Williams that he was there for his movie “Hidden Fences”. The only problem is that this movie does not exist. The name of Pharrell’s movie is actually “Hidden Figures”. “Fences” is another motion picture which also has many black actors in it. Bush actually started crying because of the extreme criticism she received on Twitter after the awards ceremony.

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