Top Cars That Get Speeding Tickets

 Here are the top cars that get speeding tickets.

An insurance website has released two lists comprising the top cars that get speeding tickets. It seems that some car models are more likely to be stopped by the police than others. Take a look at the following article and find out whether there is anything you should worry about.

The website that released the information is named, and it usually provides different types of insurance for those who own cars. has made two lists: one of twenty cars that are most likely to receive speed tickets and one of the ten least likely cars to be stopped by the police.

Without further ado, let us take a look at the cars that get the least speeding tickets, according to The tenth place is occupied by Range Rover with an eleven percent chance, while the ninth one belongs to BMW 3201 with 10 percent. They are followed by GMC Savana and Audi 2-series A3 with nine percent, Chevrolet Express and Chevrolet Escalade with eight percent and Acura ILX and Cadillac ATS with a chance of six percent of receiving a speeding ticket. Buick Encore occupies the second spot, while the reigning king is Lexus IS350, both with a three percent score.

So, if you are an owner of the Lexus IS350 you probably were never stopped by the police for speeding reasons. But who is in peril of constantly driving at high speeds? has placed Chevrolet Tahoe, Mazda 3I, Ford Fusion, Chevrolet Malibu and Lincoln LS on the last five places of the top twenty with the score of 29 percent. They are followed by Mercedes C300, Subaru Impreza, Lexus LS, Mazda Tribute, Toyota Tacoma, Acura 3.0, Dodge Status, VW GTI, Mazda 3S, Chevrolet Monte Carlo, VW Jetta GL, Dodge Charger and Nissan 350Z.

It appears that the car model that received the most speeding tickets with a 33 percent chance comes from the same manufacturer as the one that gets the least: Lexus 300.

So how did arrive to this surprising result? The website has analyzed insurance claims and traffic violation information from 323.349 persons and 331 car models, information spanning from January 1, 2014 to February 1, 2016. However, both old and new models of the cars were included, regardless of their fabrication date.

In conclusion, if we were to take the information from the top cars that get speeding tickets for granted, you should get a Lexus IS350 but avoid the Lexus 300. Or you could simply avoid exceeding the maximum speed allowed by the law.

Image Source: Traffic Ticket Attorneys