Trump Hits a Home Run

Trump Hits a Home Run

On Tuesday, United States president Donald Trump addressed the Congress for the first time since taking office. He touched on many different subjects and said that he now wants to reach across all parties in an effort to stop “trivial fights”. The wellbeing of the Americans is his main goal, so he defended his presidency by stating that he cares about his people above anything else. He also asked the Congress for help in many areas like the overhauling of health care and the changing of the tax code.

The immigration issue

It is interesting to note that with just a few hours before his address to the Congress, president Trump said that he might grant legal status to millions of undocumented immigrants. However, only those who have not committed serious crimes would enjoy this privilege. The president reportedly stated that an immigration bill is absolutely necessary with compromise, on both sides. This is a swifter approach in comparison to his previous stances against immigrants and the highly controversial travel ban. He talked about a so-called “merit-based” system which would include only those people who are able to support themselves financially. Still, he did not back away from his main and very well-known ideas. Trump told the people in the audience that criminals and gang members who are a danger to the American people were removed as he was speaking.

Emotional moments

The most emotional moment of the evening was when the president saw Carryn Owens, the widow of William Ryan Owens. He was a member of the Navy SEAL team who unfortunately died during a Yemen raid which Trump authorized. “Ryan’s legacy is etched into eternity”, said the president as Owens’ widow started crying. Also, Trump stated that Jim Mattis, his Defense Secretary, assured him that the raid was successful. Thanks to Owens’ sacrifice, the county now has access to large amounts of vital intelligence.

In this speech, Mr. Trump became President to America. He was calmer, his speech was on a more positive note and not as tense as before. However, Donald trump did not talk about one important matter. What is he going to do in regards to North Korea’s situation, with Syria and with the tense relations with China?

The President took a measured unifying tone that at times made the Democrats look foolish. Also, Trump reassured everyone that the NATO alliance has his full support. Moreover, that the nations listened to his call to pay more money. The president reportedly went to Stephen Miller, his senior policy adviser, and Stephen K. Bannon, his chief strategist for his speech. They were still working on it on Monday. They also wrote his inaugural address.

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