Trump and His Staff Double Down and Show No Fear

Trump and His Staff Double Down and Show No Fear

It seems like even Donald Trump’s aides are backing him up on his allegations that former president Barack Obama wiretapped his headquarters in Manhattan. It all supposedly happened during the presidential campaign and the president is now accusing his predecessor. However, some top Republicans who are also investigating Russia’s role in the United States presidential election contacted the DOJ today for information regarding Trump’s allegations. Even House Intelligence Chairman Devin Nunes, who is one of the president’s strongest supporters, decided not to speak too much on the matter. When reporters asked him what he believes about Trump’s claims, he simply stated that the world takes what he says “literally”. Senate Intelligence Chairman Richard Burr also said that there is no solid evidence of what Trump said. Still, he said that it is entirely possible that they might find something relevant to prove the president’s point.

Not supporting Trump’s claims

John Cornyn and Press Secretary Sean Spicer were both asked by the reporters about the president’s allegations of wiretapping. Their answers were similar. Spicer added that the separation of powers have kept the President from releasing any evidence. He admitted that there was a concern regarding the 2016 presidential election. The Senate has contacted the FBI to release the FISA warrants and turn them over to the Senate. 

Many Republicans have stated that there is going to be a huge scandal even if the investigation is not going to find any evidence. People will begin wondering where did the president get that idea. Also, what made him believe something like this could ever happen. The reactions of the Democrats show that they fear there may be some truth to it.

Revenge for the Russia accusations?

However, there is another question. What if president Donald Trump is only taking his revenge for the claims that he collaborated with Russian officials throughout the presidential campaign? He is doing the same thing to Barack Obama as the former president did to him. He does not have any evidence whatsoever. Still, in his mind, he thinks that to throw accusations is enough to scare people. Meanwhile, The House Intelligence Committee has started a very serious investigation into the claims that Russia intervened in the presidential election. The claims are also stating that it altered its outcome too. It has even requested some intelligence documents to be delivered by March 17. The Committee is also going to have its first public hearing on March 20.

It must be noted that both FBI Director James B. Comey and national intelligence director, James R. Clapper Jr. have denied that the former administration ever ordered any wiretapping of Donald Trump’s office in New York. However, the quickness in which Comey asked the DOJ to deny Trump’s claims makes one wonder if the President may be onto something. 

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