Trump Attacks Freedom Caucus Members on Twitter

Trump Attacks Freedom Caucus Members on Twitter

It seems like United States President Donald Trump has not ended his war with the House Freedom Caucus after they did everything they could to block his controversial health care plan from passing the vote. Moreover, he seems to want to make everything public and on Thursday, he started posting some messages on Twitter attacking the Freedom Caucus members and the Conservative House members from the Republican party. It appears that the president’s frustration is still growing, and his feelings of House Speaker Paul Ryan too.

Attacks on Twitter

On Thursday morning, President Donald Trump posted a message on Twitter in which he is encouraging his supporters to fight the House Freedom Caucus and Democrats too, in 2018. Later, on the same day, he continued to post Twitter messages in which he calls by name various members of the House Freedom Caucus.

It is interesting that Trump and House Speaker Paul Ryan seem to have coordinated their attacks. They reportedly had many talks since the health bill failed and they discussed the way in which they will go forward with their agenda. Ryan also sent some more subtle threats to his members, saying that he will ask for help from Democrats if Republicans are going to stand in the president’s way. Ryan also talked with some reporters on Thursday and explained that all those tweets are the proof that the president is still frustrated with what happened. Also, that what he is feeling right now is normal. It was a painful defeat.

Trump and Ryan join forces

After the bitter defeat of the health care bill, President Donald Trump and House Speaker Paul Ryan joined their forces and worked on making their relationship even stronger. Ryan even admitted that he shares the president’s frustration. However, according to experts, Trump is only saying that he will leave his party behind and turn to the opponents to frighten his party members. 

As for the president’s rather aggressive tweets, they are meant to instill feat in the hearts of the House Freedom Caucus members. The White House reportedly sees this group as a significant threat to the administration’s agenda. Right now, nobody knows if Trump is making any efforts to recruit Democrats for his purpose. And for now, there is no evidence whatsoever to prove this.

However, the other side does not just stand still and listen to what Trump is saying. Freedom Caucus member, Rep. Justin Amash, also posted a Twitter message in which he accuses the president of drowning in the “swamp” he swore to fight. Other members are saying that this drama is not going to influence them at all. We will see where this conflict will go, and if it will become even deeper.

Image source: flickr