Trump avoids giving a Clear Answer to Russia Sanctions

Trump avoids giving a Clear Answer to Russia Sanctions

On Wednesday, president-elect Donald Trump talked with some journalists outside his Mar-a-Lago estate in Florida. He discussed or avoided to, the supposed sanctions which the Obama administration is about to impose on Russia. This package of sanctions comes after many United States intelligence officials have accused Russia and more precisely, its president Vladimir Putin, of intervening in the presidential election.

Donald Trump avoids a clear answer

Trump was joined in his longest question-and-answer session since Election Day by legendary boxing entrepreneur Don King. King came carrying a lot of Israeli flags and two necklaces around his neck: one with the Star of David and the other with the American flag. He also chanted slogans like “Make America Great again”, which is Trump ‘s famous campaign war cry. He was wearing a very large pin with Trump ‘s face on it.

Journalists asked the president-elect about the sanctions on Russia. Moreover, they asked him about Republican Senator Lindsey Graham’s opinion that the United States should actually punish Putin himself. He answered that he has not spoken to her in a long time. When asked if he thinks that Russia really intervened and altered the outcome of the presidential election, Trump said that

I think we ought to get on with our lives.

He also said that nowadays, computers have become a huge part of our lives. They also complicated out existence. Trump specified that even if everybody now has speed at their disposal and everything they want at the touch of a button, security is really what concerns him. As for the sanctions on Russia, he said that he did not talk with the senators who proposed them. The president-elect clearly avoided to give a clear answer to those questions, further raising questions about his allegiances and the supposed connections with Vladimir Putin.

A package of sanctions

Trump ‘s interview follows the Obama administration’s announcement that they would impose a set of sanctions on Russia. Their decision comes after a lot of United States officials have accused the European giant of interferences in the presidential election. According to them, Russia wanted Donald Trump to become president by any means and they hired hackers to break into some U.S. institutions. The result was a leak of private e-mails belonging to a lot of Democratic personalities including Hillary Clinton and her chairman, John Podesta. This private data later appeared on the controversial site WikiLeaks. However, the website’s founder, Julian Assange, declared that their sources were not Russian hackers, but did not specify who were.

Last month, Barack Obama also said that most probably, president Vladimir Putin was behind these attacks. All because in Russia, nothing is ever done without his consent. On the other hand, president-elect Donald Trump has always protected Russia. He said numerous times that he does not think they had anything to do with him winning the presidential race. Russia also denied any involvement. They said that it is not their fault that the people of America wanted something different and trustworthy. In consequence, they chose Donald Trump.

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