Here’s Just 1 Lie the Media Is Spreading About Trump’s Budget

Here’s Just 1 Lie the Media Is Spreading About Trump’s Budget

During the presidential campaign, United States president Donald Trump promised to spend more on infrastructure, utilities and on other very important facilities. The new budget is something many have hoped for. The president is proposing to and even eliminate some federal infrastructure programs. The Thursday budget outline received huge amounts of criticism from lawmakers. However, the president’s budget director stated that the administration is going to keep its promise. People will just need to wait for them to release an unnamed and undetailed infrastructure “package” worth $1 trillion.

The budget receives criticism

A senior policy adviser at Transportation for America stated that there is a big difference between what the president promised regarding infrastructure spending, and what he is actually doing. Meanwhile, Budget director Mick Mulvaney said that indeed, this first budget appears to follow the president’s campaign promises. Those inside the government have still not learned how to deal with the President nor understood his methods. President Trump is a master negotiator and knows how to make a deal. When one enters a negotiation to buy a house you always first undercut then move to a reasonable amount. Additionally, the Trump Administration is focusing on smaller programs.

The National Rural Water Association is reportedly very angry with Trump’s new budget. In an official statement, they said that the president proposal to eliminate a program worth $500 million per year is one of the biggest mistakes he can make. This program is helping the rural communities with their water supply, sewer, trash and water-drainage systems. The association deemed the Trump administration as being “blind” to the people’s needs and especially to what the rural communities need.

Not helping anyone

Other people are saying that this new budget is going to place numerous public-transit projects under the sign of uncertainty. Also, that the administration has absolutely no plan because they are still caught between those who want to invest in infrastructure and those who pretend to. Surface transportation is hit the hardest by this new Trump budget. He is eliminating a program worth $500 million per year, created back in 2009. This program is financing lots of important projects. Some of them include the replacement of bridges and the building of streetcar lines. Funding for new rail and bus lines is also going to be cut, following this new budget. From the outside, this appears to be a huge very important program, but on the inside, it is just a slush fund for local communities to grab federal money. 

Trump’s new budget does not affect the Highway Trust Fund. This is the main source of transportation money, giving about $50 billion a year to state and local highway systems. Also, to transit systems. Trump’s proposal also cuts two other very important and old programs. One of them is the Community Development Block Grant program which is helping the infrastructure in the neighborhoods with a low income. Also, the Commerce Department grant program. This is also providing money for lots of things, including infrastructure.

Notice no one seems to get upset when the government wants to increase, but when someone would dare touch it all hell breaks loose. The only people upset about this bill is Washington and they are complaining to their elitist media friends. 

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