Trump To Sign New Executive Order and Environmentalist Freak Out!

Trump To Sign New Executive Order and Environmentalist Freak Out!

On Tuesday, at the Environmental Protection Agency, president Donald Trump is going to sign a new executive order. This time, he will be looking to completely change the federal government’s climate regulations. The president wants to put the jobs of the American people above the issue of climate change. He numerous times said about it that it is a hoax, invented by the Chinese. This new order is the clear example of how different former president Barack Obama and Donald Trump view the issue of climate change and the United States’ role in fighting against it. The order will also change a lot the government’s approach in what concerns rising sea levels and rising temperatures. Both of those elements are strong influences of climate change.

A completely different approach

On Monday, the Trump administration will be looking to both protect the environment and increase energy independence. He also stated that the administration is going to encourage EPA to have only one clear focus. That is to make sure that the country has clear air and clean water. However, the administration reportedly believes that the jobs of the American people are more important than the issue of climate change. The official also said that president Trump is not going to do anything which will endanger the American economy. Even if it is about climate change. It is an issue, and the president acknowledged that, but the people are more important for him.

The Tuesday order will reportedly rescind at least six executive orders from the Obama administration. Those had to do with dealing with climate change and with regulating carbon emissions. The 2013 executive order urging the government to prepare for climate change, and the 2016 presidential memorandum which stated that climate change is a national security threat, are among those six orders.

A strong economy will protect the nation

According to what the White House official declared, the Trump administration believes that the best way to protect the country against climate change is through a strong economy. He also offered the example of countries like India and China, which are doing even less to protect the environment.

Now, it seems like everything climate change advocates had feared for when Trump became president is about to turn into reality. For example, Tom Steyer, the president of NexGen Climate, released an official statement in which he is saying that Trump is actually assaulting the core American values by choosing to ignore an imminent danger. He is not protecting anyone, but putting everybody’s health and jobs in danger. Andrew Steer, CEO of the World Resources Institute, also explained that Trump’s executive order will fail and will actually lead to the destruction of the jobs, environment, and economy of the country.

All in all, it seems like president Donald Trump is doing nothing else but keeping his campaign promises. They are climate change advocates’ worst fear, but it might be too late to change anything now. Maybe these climate change advocates should go to China and try to fix their pollution mess before slamming the US. 

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