Trump Changes US Policy Shocks the Mideast

Trump Changes US Policy Shocks the Mideast

During a meeting with Israel Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on Wednesday, president Donald Trump declared something that might distance the country from most of the world. He stated that the United States will no longer push for a creation of a Palestinian state. Trump met Netanyahu for the first time since he became president and he said that he wishes for things to be peaceful, no matter the way in which they would achieve this. Moreover, the president stated that the nation will no longer be conditioned by any of the past efforts or views and that he will be “flexible” in what concerns a peace agreement.

Backing away from a Palestinian state

During the White House press conference, which he held with Netanyahu, Trump specified that fact that he can live with any solution as long as both parties agree on it. However, the president asked the prime minister of Israel to slow down with the settlements construction in the West Bank. The situation should be stable while the countries are pursuing a deal. This request is similar with the ones which many past presidents have taken before Trump.

Once, this two-state solution was considered the best alternative for peace. Now, it seems like Trump is open for discussions. It is interesting to note that what Donald Trump said puts an end to the official policy which was shaped back in 2002 by the Bush administration. However, that idea had roots in the heads of the American leaders since Bill Clinton. And Palestinians will for sure not accept anything else than a sovereign state. An Israeli state which would include the Palestinians would not fulfill their wish. They would be either second-class citizens or not a Jewish majority anymore. Again, they do not wish for this.

An end to settlement construction

Also on Wednesday but separately, Palestinian leader Mahmoud Abbas asked Netanyahu to stop the construction of settlements. He also stated that his is willing to accept and continue a process towards acquiring peace. On the same day, CIA chief Mike Pompeo reportedly had some secret conversations with Abbas. This was the first meeting between a Palestinian leader and a member of Trump’s administration. However, no White House officials issued any comments on the meeting.

U.N. Secretary-General Antonio Guterres said during a meeting in Cairo, Egypt, that the only solution to quire peace between the Palestinians and Israel is the two-state deal. Nothing else would bring peace to the land. However, many analysts think that this two-state plan would be very difficult to maintain. Just imagine offering citizenship to millions of Palestinians, giving them theright to vote and also, as some consider, threatening their Jewish culture. Netanyahu also praised Jared Kushner, Trump’s son-in-law. The president actually said that he is the only man who can negotiate those deals. Netanyahu also stated that he had known Trump’s family for a long time and that the president of the United States is one of the biggest supporters of the Jewish culture. We will see what conclusion they will reach and if it will please everyone. Although, that is hard to accomplish.

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