The Showdown Begins Trump Meets With China

The Showdown Begins Trump Meets With China

Chinese diplomat Yang Jiechi met briefly with United States president Donald Trump while he was at the White House. Jiechi was actually there to have some talks with the president’s advisers. He is actually the first Chinese official to meet with the president since his inauguration. Trump previously talked on the phone with Chinese president Xi Jinping o February 9. In December, while he was still president-elect, Trump discussed on the phone with Taiwan’s president. This was a severe break of protocol which angered the Chinese government.

After that, during the talks with the Chinese president, Trump finally agreed to respect the “One China” policy. He reportedly backed away from his initial plan to recognize the Taiwanese government. Now, with this meeting between Trump and Yang Jiechi, it is possible that the tension between the two nations might have decreased a little.

A brief meeting

According to reports, Yang also had some talks with the new U.S. national security adviser, HR McMaster regarding security issues. He also talked with Jared Kushner, Trump’s son-in-law. Moreover, according to the Chinese media, Yang met with Vice President Mike Pence and with strategist Steve Bannon. During the brief encounter Yang had with president Trump (which reportedly lasted seven minutes), they reportedly discussed a possible face to face meeting between the United States leader and the Chinese president. Yang reportedly told the president that the country is willing to cooperate and collaborate on many levels. Also, that the two nations should respect each other’s interests and concerns.

Tensions between the two nations

Last week, Yang and U.S. Secretary of State Rex Tillerson talked on the phone and reportedly shared the same opinion. That the two nations should have a constructive relationship. This could be seen as the latest step in the effort to bring the relations between the two nations back on a positive trajectory after Donald Trump’s election. He has been criticizing China and even accused it of unfair trade policies. Trump said that the Beijing is not doing enough to try and stop its neighbor North Korea. Also, that the government built strategically placed islands in the South China Sea.

During an interview on Thursday, Trump advised China to try and do more in regards with North Korea’s nuclear program and missile tests. Moreover, he stated that China could deal with the matter “very easily”, but only if it wanted to. On Friday, China responded to trump’s remarks and said that the Beijing has nothing to do with this situation and that the dispute is actually between Washington and Pyongyang.

At the same time, some officials from United States, Japan and South Korea met at the State Department and discussed the possibility of stopping the funding to North Korea’s weapons program. They all agreed that something must be done because what North Korea is doing is a big threat for all the countries’ security and also creating tensions between nations. All in all, everybody expects the meeting between Donald Trump and the Chinese president which would maybe put things back on the right track.

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