Trump Team Member compares Climate-Change to Flat Earth Theory

Trump Team Member compares Climate-Change to Flat Earth Theory

On Wednesday, one of Donald Trump ‘s transition men raised a lot of eyebrows when he compared the climate-change problem with the theory that the Earth is actually flat. Anthony Scaramucci, who is a member of the president-elect’s transition team talked to CNN. He told them that even if a lot of people believe that climate-change is man-made, there are some scientists who do not. This is a very contradictory statement because this phenomenon has been scientifically proven to be caused by reckless human activity.

A bizarre comparison

Scaramucci did not stop there. He continued by saying that science does not always get things right. For example, in ancient times when they believed that the Earth was a flat surface. Also, that we were actually the center of the entire Universe. However, this comparison does not have its place in the discussion as we are talking about totally different problems. Also, the world has evolved and you cannot compare ancient science to what we have now. This is minimizing the efforts of so many scientists who are working day and night to correctly inform us. What is worse is the fact that there are still religious groups around who think that the Earth is flat. They also believe the theory that Earth is a sphere to be Satanic.

The majority of scientists disagree with him

What is Scaramucci talking about is a very small per cent of scientists who do not believe in the man-made climate-change theory. Still about 97 per cent of them agree that this is the real cause. Also, geocentrism was proven to be wrong a long time ago, with the help of… you guessed it! Science. Moreover, last year, Ted Cruz compared climate-change skeptics to Galileo Galilei, who was deemed a denier and attacked for not having the same vision as all the others. So, this is not a singular case. It is not right to compare historical events or figures with the present situation as it becomes laughable. Times have changed, science has evolved and those who are stuck in the past will never manage to.

Trump ‘s controversial climate ideas

Donald Trump ‘s ideas on climate-change are known to the world. He made sure to promote them during his presidential campaign. Now, activists are saying that he might act on those ideas because the majority of his cabinet is made out of convinced climate-skeptics. Moreover, things might get even more complicated if Trump decides to stop abiding by the Paris climate agreement signed by over 100 countries. He also promised to stop the implementation of the Clean Power Plan and to help fossil fuel industry expand under his administration. So, the concerns are huge but it is still fairly unclear what his plan is for the U.S. climate policy.

Now, rumor has it that some scientists dealing with climate change are struggling to copy and save U.S.’s public climate data. They fear that it might simply disappear under Trump ‘s order. Long story short, things are not looking good at all. If Donald trump decides to pursue his intentions, not only the U.S., but the entire world will be facing grave consequences.

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