Trump criticizes The New York Times on Twitter after Meeting Issues

Trump criticizes The New York Times on Twitter after Meeting Issues

On Tuesday, president-elect Donald Trump publicly criticized The New York Times on Twitter. It looks like his ongoing feud with the press will not stop anytime soon. The publication was always one of his favorite targets when it comes to ferocious attacks. Now, Trump found the perfect opportunity to express that hate.

Meeting drama

The reason Donald Trump started the tweeting drama was that the New York Times apparently did not respect the “terms and conditions” imposed by Trump’s team. So, he cancelled their meeting. A spree of angry tweets followed in which Trump repeatedly called the publication “failing” and accused them of saying bad things about him throughout the entire presidential campaign. Surprisingly enough (or maybe not so much), the president-elect later wrote another tweet in which he announced that the meeting was back on. Moreover, that he was looking forward to it! Talk about drama.

Lies and cover-ups?

However, the New York Times apparently denied every accusation coming from Trump. According to them, his team canceled the meeting because they were afraid that Trump might not be able to handle some questions while on the record. So, who lied? Did Trump’s team really tried to cover-up his inability to handle questions? Is it that bad? Or did the publication really did not respect the conditions? I guess we will never know. The idea is that Donald Trump does not seem to get away from drama at all. And his conflict with the press is still going strong, even now, when he has been elected. During his campaign, he used to blame publications for creating a bad image for him. Also, he accused them of affecting people’s opinion. Now that he won the election, it seems like the ire is still strong.

The previous press meeting

On Monday, Donald Trump met with some other representatives of the press. And it did not end well. For them. According to some sources who were present at the Trump Tower meeting, the atmosphere was not the one they expected. Even if he was calm, Trump still threw accusations left and right. Insults too. He supposedly called them “liars”, “dishonest media” and so on and so forth.

So the media did not receive the friendly, peaceful meeting they expected. They had to confront the dragon in his lair and, naturally, they lost. Moreover, the journalists were asked not to talk about what was discussed at the meeting. Or should we call it the “ambush”? However, Donald Trump did exactly that, and told everyone his own version of events.

All in all, it seems like president-elect Donald Trump still has strong feelings towards the press, be it written or TV. While it is true that at times he said that he respects some journalists, he failed to prove it. Especially now, by calling out the New York Times on his Twitter. He is famous for using this social platform to express his feelings and ideas, and it seems like he will continue to do so, even now that he is president.

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