‘Art of the Deal’ Trump Closing In On Health Care Repeal

‘Art of the Deal’ Trump Closing In On Health Care Repeal

Anyone who has been following president Donald Trump’s activity these weeks surely noticed the lack of tweets and appearances. This is because, according to recent reports, the president is quietly meeting conservatives and taking a break from the spotlight in order to work on a new health bill. He is also leaving Republican leaders and his aides to come forward and defend his approach. Another interesting and unusual thing the president has been doing is have frequent meetings and dinners with certain lawmakers. For example, on Wednesday, Senator Ted Cruz and his wife joined Donald Trump for dinner. Rumor has it that on Saturday, the president is going to Kentucky to talk with Senator Rand Paul. He is one of the strongest opponents of the health bill, so maybe Trump wishes to try and turn him around.

Repeal and replace. But how?

Donald Trump’s changed attitude comes right after the Republicans have sworn to repeal and replace Barack Obama’s health care law. However, until now, nobody presented a clear replacement plan and what will the law be replaced with. So, it is quite understandable that the president might want to spend some time behind closed doors to make sure that he is doing the right thing and taking advice from the right people. After all, this could very well be his first major test as president of the United States. Officials also stated that Trump is currently consulting political stakeholders. When he feels like he has the right plan, he will begin the campaign for the final passage of the law.

According to some sources, the president is also accepting proposals and he is willing to negotiate the law. In an interview, Rand Paul stated that Donald Trump has left the bill open for negotiation and that he is willing to listen to what other people, familiar with the matter, have to say.

Trump takes a different approach

On Wednesday, Republican leaders said that the new approach the president has been taking is a comfortable one. According to some reports, Trump wants to make sure that he will have a law on his desk and he is talking to as many people as he can in order to accomplish this. He reportedly even made some changes last week, after having some meetings. House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy is one of Trump’s closest friends. He stated that what Donald Trump knows how to do best is seal deals. The president is the type of man who wants things done. So, he is picking up ideas from lots of places, mixes them together and tries to come up with the best health care law possible.

White House press secretary Sean Spicer also said that the president is willing to listen to advice from everyone to get the best bill. If someone happens to have a good idea, he will take it into consideration. The president has an open-minded attitude about the problem. The President is doing what he does best keep his promise and seal the deal. Washington is in for something new a guy that can get things done and a guy that does what he says. 

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