Trump talks about Hillary’s Health and Loyalty

Trump talks about Hillary’s Health and Loyalty

If we ever thought that Donald Trump might become a serious, nice person… we were wrong. On Saturday evening, he offered a very clear proof that he has come back to his old ways. After his last week of campaign raised some eyebrows and made people wonder if he is indeed still convinced that he will be president, now we have our answer. He is.

Attack on Hillary

He chose to ignore his prewritten speech and went on attacking Hillary Clinton. Trump talked bad about her physical and mental health. The presidential candidate even had the courage to say that she “might be crazy” and that she “lacks the stamina” to be president. But then again, we should not be surprised. This is Donald Trump we are talking about. After this he started imitating Clinton’s dizziness before she was diagnosed with pneumonia.

He tried once again to attack her husband, Bill Clinton by reminding everyone of his sex scandals. He went even further and started questioning whether his opponent has been loyal to her partner. But when you just assume things while having absolutely no proof of their existence, people should be smart enough to ignore you. But they cannot do that, he is a presidential candidate after all.

Remains of the debate

Donald Trump is still recovering and defending his performance during the first debate. Everyone saw that it was very poor. Now, h is trying to change people’s minds about it. But him calling Clinton “crazy” is actually not a first. Almost two months ago he stated that she was “unbalanced” and that she took a “short-circuit in the brain”. As a presidential candidate, to say such things about your opponent only makes you small and unintelligent.

The problem with Trump is that he keeps telling people about Hillary’s problems instead of talking about the things that have raised his candidacy. Tell people what you can do better, not what she can do wrong. It has been made public that Clinton has been diagnosed with pneumonia after the incident which made her leave a 9/11 ceremony. Now Trump is still talking about that. And if he has until now resisted the temptation to bring back that topic, he has done it now. He attacked her in regard with her health and imitated her stumbling. Now this might be called a clown? A mime? But what do we know…

Trump and his insults. A never ending story

Trump went even further and started insulting Hillary. He continued his speech by calling her “incompetent”. Trump said that she has never done anything useful for the country and criticized her time as secretary of state. The candidate even compared Hillary’s person with death, loss and failure.

This is not nice but if it is the only way in which he can supposedly defeat her, he will do it. During his speech Trump was vicious. He stopped at nothing and talked some very bad things about his opponent. In what concerns Hillary, she will do good to stay away. There’s nothing that can annoy an enemy more than ignorance. She should just ignore him and get on with her goal: being president of the United States.

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