Trump might lose the Debate. He might win it Too

Trump might lose the Debate. He might win it Too

Even if Hillary Clinton is clearly the more experienced out of the two candidates, it will not be an easy job for her to prevail over her opponent, Donald Trump. She might win the debate, all right. But she might lose the election.

Clinton has the upper hand

Firstly, we know it’s difficult to see someone like Clinton, who has been dealing with presidential matters for over 30 years, lose this debate. She will most likely beat Trump on substance. Her strong pint is exactly where Trump’s weakness lies. It might not be the first time that Trump learns something from his written speeches and reacts like is a premiere for him. Like that one time when he found out the Trans-Pacific Partnership doesn’t include China. He will even state things like “so true” when coming across different statements in his speeches.

If he keeps his habit of not learning things, Trump is going to not be very well informed about some matters at the time of the debate. But interesting fact is, it might not even matter at all. Let’s say that Trump has an advantage from the get-go: he is the inferior candidate. The new face, the one who stands for change. He is not such a well-versed politician as his opponent. And change might be enough for Trump to win it all. While Clinton needs to do much more than that. She needs to prove herself because people are expecting her to deliver. She can win it too, if she manages to significantly hurt Trump or to make a better case for herself.

A clumsy candidate

But things are not easy for Trump either. He cannot verbally attack his opponent or bully her. He needs to do better than that. Without a prompter, he is not the best messenger of the world. And while the debate is a face-to-face, an hour and a half discussion, Trump’s clumsiness might stand out a lot worse. And this could seriously wound him.

But Trump needs to keep in mind that if he is honest and even seems plausible, all will be right. Just the fact that he will be standing on the presidential debate stage should make him proud. Donald Trump has a strong personality and a big physical appearance. But sometimes he looks more like a TV-reality star than a presidential candidate. Agreed, he has charisma, but this will not earn him plausibility points.

Clinton on the other side, should think about addressing what is she going to do best. Let’s admit it, her entire campaign consisted of how monstrous and crazy Donald Trump is. It is normal, yes, to put down your opponent and make yourself seem the better person but in this way she just helped Trump enormously. To convince people that she is mistaken, he will just have to appear as a normal, reasonable man, not the monster Clinton described.

One thing is sure, if Trump plays the aggressor role, he will lose it all, the debate and the election. If he doesn’t, things might change for the better.

All in all, Clinton is extremely well-prepared for the debate. But she is also under Damocles’ sword. She may win on points, but she may lose on people.

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