Trump calls Meryl Streep “overrated”, after her Golden Globes Speech

Trump calls Meryl Streep “overrated”, after her Golden Globes Speech

Meryl Streep‘s touching and very Trump-oriented speech at the Golden Globes moved something inside each of us who heard it. She did not even need to pronounce the name because everyone knew who she was referring to. Streep talked about violence, bullying and other such phenomena which people with power should not promote, let alone, do. Well, after almost the entire population of planet Earth congratulated her and connected with her words, the president-elect felt like it was a good time to counter-attack. So, on Monday, he took to Twitter and expressed his opinion about Meryl Streep‘s speech. It was not a nice one.

“Overrated” and a “Hillary lover”

Shortly after the Golden Globes event ended, Donald Trump gave an interview and said that he had not seen the awards, nor Meryl’s speech. However, he declared himself not surprised at all because, in his opinion, Meryl Streep is a “Hillary lover”. There is a bit of truth here, because the actress indeed supported the Democratic candidate and even spoke at the 2016 Democratic National Convention. Still, this is not a question of who you are supporting anymore, it is common sense. And unfortunately, common sense is not at all common.

Still, it seems like it was not enough for Trump. So, on Monday, he posted another message on Twitter, probably after he watched the speech. He was as aggressive as ever, calling Meryl Streep one of the most “overrated actresses in Hollywood”.

In her speech, Streep talked about how Trump mocked a disabled reporter during a conference, which is the main reason why she decided to speak up. In his Twitter messages, Trump denied ever doing that and said that he was only trying to prove to the journalist that he had changed an older story in order to make him look bad. He doubled down on the fact that he “would never” mock a disabled person.

The legendary Meryl Streep

Meryl Streep is not at all an “overrated actress”. She has a career of almost 40 years and has been nominated for 30 Golden Globe awards and for 19 Academy Awards, which is a record among actors. She has many such distinctions along with Emmy awards and Screen Actors Guild awards. The American Film Institute awarded her their Life Achievement Award back in 2004. Ten years later, she received the Presidential Medal of Freedom at the White House.

It is very interesting that in 2015, Donald Trump was asked by an interviewer what actresses does he love. His response? Surprise! Julia Roberts and Meryl Streep. Kellyanne Conway, a senior adviser to Trump, said on Monday morning that it is a problem when people with such a big reach like Meryl Streep are not fighting to unite people, but to separate them. However, many other celebrities supported Streep‘s words and expressed their thoughts on Twitter. Among them were actress Julianne Moore and entertainer and TV host Ellen DeGeneres. At the Golden Globes, Meryl Streep was awarded the prestigious Cecil B. Demille Award, for her entire amazing career.

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