Washington ‘Swamp’ Bureaucrats Attempt To Derail Trump Agenda and American Security

Washington ‘Swamp’ Bureaucrats Attempt To Derail Trump Agenda and American Security

According to a U.S. Department of Homeland Security internal report, the Mexican border wall which president Donald Trump wants to begin building would cost around $21.6 billion. The Thursday report also stated that the construction of the wall would last over three years. Moreover, it would be composed of a multitude of walls and fences, over the border with Mexico. If we are to believe the report, it means that the total cost of Trump’s ambitious idea more expensive than stated. He stated that the wall would cost about $12 billion. Republican House Speaker Paul Ryan also estimated the cost of the wall at about $15 billion. Still, both price tags are much lower than the actual price it seems.

It would appear though that liberal insiders inside the DHS are leaking information on a report that has not been finalized for the President to see. This is another attempt by the bureaucracy to try and stop the building of the border wall.

The construction plan

John Kelly, the Secretary of the Department of Homeland Security is going to analyze the report in the next few days. However, this does not mean that the Trump administration will act as it recommends. The plan presents the three phases in which the constructors should build the infamous wall. Long fences and walls should cover around 1,250 miles by the end of 2020. We should keep in mind that 654 miles of the border are already fortified. Still, this would not reduce the length or cost of the project. What the report doesn’t cover is any negotiating that would down between the government and the contractor. For example, President Trump renegotiated a contract for the Air Forces F-35 fighter with Boeing because of unreasonable costs. It would be reasonable to assume the Trump Administration is going to handle contract negotiations different than any other administration. 

This recent report seems to be the final step before asking the Congress for taxpayer funds and basically beginning the construction. The president’s idea seems to be finally taking shape after months of speculative price tags and timelines. Much to the dismay of Democrats and the media, the wall is very popular. One angle that the media is not covering is that American companies and workers will construct this wall. Meaning that any taxpayer money spent goes right back into the economy.  

A wall in three phases

According to the report, the first phase of the project is going to be the shortest one, extending over just 26 miles. From San Diego, then California, and ending in Texas. It would reportedly cost only $360 million. This first step might ease the pressure on Trump a little. His supporters will see that he keeps his campaign promises. The other two phases are going to be much more expensive and take much longer. Still, if this situation will prove to be true, the president will no longer have any pressure on his shoulders from the supporters.

The Congress will most likely offer the funding around April or May if things go as planned. This way, the builders could begin the construction of the wall in September. If Mexico refuses to pay for the wall physically they will pay metaphorically. Mexico runs the risk of being shut out of any opportunity to do business with the US and, that is something they can’t risk. 

Another important thing to consider is that the report only covers the expenses of the wall itself. Apart from this, the report did not include legal battles or any other constraints which may arrive during the construction. So, the price tag for its construction might be even higher.

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