Trump doesn’t agree with the new NFL Rules for Safety of the Players

Trump doesn’t agree with the new NFL Rules for Safety of the Players

During his Wednesday campaign rally in Florida, Donald Trump could not help himself and criticized the new NFL rules. His comments came after an incident at the Lakeland airport. A woman in the audience felt ill and appeared to be fainting. After Trump called for a doctor, the woman received medical care. The Republican nominee was sure that she would come back though. And it seemed that he was right as she indeed returned to the rally. The cause of her fainting was reportedly the heat.

Trump has “tough supporters”

After the incident happened, Donald Trump declared that he has some very tough supporters. They are even tougher than the new NFL safety rules, which he deemed “soft”. He even called a concussion a “little ding on the head”.

Blows to the skull can lead to serious injuries

But where did Trump’s riot came from? Recently, some new safety rules have been introduced to the National Football League. They were put there in order to protect football players from severe injuries. Especially head injuries. R little dings on the head, as Trump put it. Studies have showed that repeated and strong hits to the human skull can cause serious and lasting effects on the player. As these blows are not uncommon in the sport, safety measures have been taken.

A report conducted in April revealed that from 40 NFL players, 30 per cent of them showed signs of nerve cell damage. This result was based on their MRI scans. Physician Francis X. Conidi revealed that those signs of brain damage were more common in football players than in ordinary people. So he concluded that there is indeed a connection between some degenerative brain diseases and the hits that football players receive during a NFL match.

A dangerous sport

The timing of Trump’s comments matched many people’s protests (including former players) regarding the danger that the players are exposed to when playing football. Over the last few years, the National Football League has been working to find a solution to protect their players. For example, there is a specific rule which says that if a player is injured and end up with a concussion, he must be taken off court immediately. The NFL have taken all those measures in order to deal a lot better with the many injuries the players suffer.

NFL want to make the football game a lot safer. For this purpose, they have a $100 million project which will deal with the development of new technologies. Also, part of the money allocated for this project will go to medical researches.

Comments not fit for a presidential candidate

As for Donald Trump, many specialists in the domain criticized his comments. Those kinds of comparisons between his supporters and a very dangerous sport must not exist. They are useless and not worthy of a possible future president of the U.S. There is real risk involved in playing football and being hit in the head. Donald Trump might do well to take some measures regarding the safety of football players and not condemn them for ending up with a concussion. Because no, Mr. Trump. A concussion is not a “little ding on the head”.

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