Trump says to “ask Obama” if the Election will be Rigged

Trump says to “ask Obama” if the Election will be Rigged

On Tuesday, after ending his Florida campaign tour, Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump discussed with some reporters. When they asked if he still thinks that the election is going to be stolen from him, Trump brought Barrack Obama into the discussion.

A tape from eight years ago

Donald Trump declined saying if he still thinks the election is rigged, but he urged reporters to take a look at a tape from eight years ago. This tape resurfaced this week and it is from Obama’s 2008 presidential campaign. He can be seen and heard answering a question about whether or not can he reassure voters that the 2008 election will be fair. Barrack Obama’s response is probably what Trump referred to. Then Senator Obama said that it is not bad that in some states the Democrats are handling the machines. Also, he said that the Republicans are not the only ones who toyed with elections over the time.

Obama did not offer a clear response to the question back-then, and this is exactly what Trump has been talking about recently.

Obama is mocking Trump

Last week, at a White House news conference, Barrack Obama mocked Donald Trump. He said that this idea that he has implemented into the minds of many is fictional. Members of both the Republican and Democratic parties are overseeing the voting process, so there will be no stolen election.

Obama also said that there is absolutely no evidence of this happening in the past. He advised Trump to better go and gather votes and to stop complaining that a toy will be taken away from him.

Donald Trump still thinks that he is winning, despite trailing Clinton in the polls

At his Florida rally on Tuesday, Donald Trump talked again about the 2008 tape. He explained that everybody should just understand that Obama is basically admitting that the election is fixed. He said that at first he could not believe what the current president was saying. Later, he called Obama “phony”.

During the last presidential debate, Trump said that he will see at the time if he will accept or not the result of the election. He said that he wants the right to legally contest a bad result in the election. The Republican candidate refused to answer any sexual assault related questions. Also, he did not explain why he changed his mind about Barrack Obama being born in the United States. Donald Trump has just ended three days of campaigning in Florida. And he knows that right now, he is trailing Hillary Clinton in the polls. But he insisted that he, along with his voters, will have a big victory on November 8. One which will surprise everybody. He asked voters to not “blow this one” and to vote for him.

All in all, the election is closing in and people from all over the U.S. must have their minds set on a certain candidate by now. And if they don’t, they still have two weeks left to decide.

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