Trump Plans to Bring Fresh Blood to White House

Trump Plans to Bring Fresh Blood to White House

Amid a major White House staff overhaul, president Donald Trump is thinking about bringing in fresh blood, as he plans to hire PR experts and former top campaign strategists to help him handle the scandal around the alleged Russian interference in the presidential election.

PR Experts, Experienced Lawyers to Join the Team

People familiar with the matter said that experienced lawyers and PR strategists are being hired to deal with the negative press around Russia’s shady dealing with the president’s associates. The revelations haunted the president during his first overseas tour since assuming office and threaten to block his administration’s agenda.

Late Saturday, the president returned from his international trip to a White House still dogged by major scandals. Now, the president’s son-in-law Jared Kushner is accused of having had improper interactions with Russian officials during the transition period.

Meanwhile, Trump’s staff postponed an Iowa rally, citing “an unforeseen change” in the president’s schedule. During the trip, Trump was unusually silent on Twitter, but shortly after his return he lashed out at the “fake news media” for quoting anonymous sources whose names are never revealed to the public to back their stories.

Trump was upset about a leaky administration which was behind a disastrous intel leak concerning the Manchester bombing and multiple other leaks that landed in the press.

Trump noted that the British Prime Minister Theresa May was “very angry” at the fact that the New York Times published the name of the suspected bomber and several crime scene photos the British authorities would rather keep secret.

President Has Had Enough with the White House Leaks

Trump, though, thinks that many of the White House leaks are “fabricated” by the U.S. media. He warned his fans that stories which quote “sources” without giving their names may be “fake news” and the sources may be non-existent.

However, White House staffers often spoke on the condition of anonymity when briefing reporters even when they are authorized to do it.

According to the latest leaks that angered the president, Kushner discussed with the Russian envoy to Washington the possibility of creating a backchannel for communications through which the White House and the Kremlin could discuss pressing matters such as the Syrian crisis.

While the president was still abroad, his personal lawyer Marc Kasowitz joined a rapid-response team to help the young administration resist in the face of new scandals emerged from the Russia story.

More experienced lawyers are expected to be hired along with communication and PR experts.

They need to quarantine this stuff and put the investigations in a separate communications operation,

suggested Bill Clinton’s former counsel Jack Quinn.

The same strategy was applied during the Monica Lewinsky scandal, when a special team of experts handled the media’s questions regarding the controversy. The rapid-response team enabled the Clinton administration to continue with their agenda.

One source revealed, however, that president Trump may have a problem of communications rather than a legal one, as Clinton had. People briefed on the matter said former campaign manager, Corey Lewandowski may join the nascent team, along with deputy campaign manager, David Bossie. Both men discussed the possibility with Trump before his international trip, sources confirmed.
Image Source: Wikimedia