Trump Poised to Wipe Out Threats to US, Allies Around World

Trump Poised to Wipe Out Threats to US, Allies Around World

White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer unveiled Tuesday that the president is bent on “fully eliminat[ing]” the global threats to the United States and its international allies. The announcement was made while the country’s leader is weighing in on the possibility of sending more troops to Afghanistan.

We need to fully eliminate any threat around the globe, frankly, not just in Afghanistan, that poses a threat to our people and our allies,

Pres. Trump’s spokesman told reporters.

Trump To Change Afghanistan ‘Strategy’

A senior administration official announced the Pentagon has fully reviewed the Afghanistan strategy and the president would be informed “soon”. It is up to Trump now to decide whether to prolong the United States’ longest war.

Army Gen. John Nicholson Jr who leads the operations in Afghanistan told the Senate Armed Services Committee earlier this year that the conflict in the region had reched a “stalemate”. Back then, Nicholson said there was a shortfall of around “a few thousand” servicemen.

However, a decision to boost the number of troops along with the White House’s warmongering announcement could alienate some of president Trump’s fan base. On the campaign trail, the real estate tycoon had pledged an “America First” policy in running the country’s foreign affairs.  He also vowed to wipe out the Islamic State, while being highly critical of reckless military spending.

During the campaign, the then presidential candidate repeatedly said tax dollars would be better put to use to rebuild America’s infrastructure than waging costly wars overseas. However, in his first days in office, one of his initial moves was to boost the Defense Department budget by 10 percent.

Reporters asked Spicer to explain Trump’s change of mind on the issue. The spokesman said the president’s priorities remain unchanged but he needs to ensure the country and its people are protected.

U.S. Troop Deployments Could Surge Worldwide

Journalists also wanted to know if the rumors that the administration would boost the number of U.S. troops across the globe over 8,400, which is the current level. According to multiple reports U.S troops could see from 3,000 to 5,000 new additions.

In response, Spice explained that more isn’t necessarily better. He underlined that throwing more tax dollars and people in doesn’t mean your strategy is the most effective.

Spicer added that the president is currently waiting for his national security team’s response to a request to revamp the strategy. Trump wants a response to what needs to get done, how should we do it and how do we eliminate the threat.

Last month, the U.S. deployed a naval strike group to North Korea in response to a failed missile test and multiple verbal threats. Pyongyang threatened to retaliate against the U.S.’ “reckless acts of aggression” by all means necessary.

The Pentagon’s move escalated even more the situation in the region, even though Secretary of State Rex Tillerson reassured everyone the deployment of troops was “routine”. Senior military officials confirmed the measure was designed to protect U.S. interests and the country’s primary ally in the region- South Korea.
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