Trump Provides A Place For Giuliani…To Combat Cyber Threats

Trump Provides A Place For Giuliani…To Combat Cyber Threats

It would appear that the former Mayor of New York City has finally found a home with the Trump Administration. Today on the Fox News network’s show “Fox and Friends” Giuliani announced that he will be leading a committee to improve cyber security.

Giuliani stated:

“The idea here is to bring together corporate leaders and their technological people. The president will meet with them on an ongoing basis as well as anyone else in the Administration. … I’ll coordinate the whole thing. I’ll get the people in, make sure the meeting takes place, make sure they get the information from the private sector.”

Another benefit of the committee, Giuliani said, is that Trump gets to see what the private sector is doing in an organized way.”

It is unclear what role the committee will play within the incoming administration. Fox News reported

The committee is set to meet with Trump on a regular basis to bring together leaders of the private sector to share their thoughts on the best cyber security methods.

The work of Giuliani as mayor in New York City cannot be ignored regardless of one’s politics. Additionally his time as a US Attorney, and success in the private sector makes him a qualified candidate to head up this committee. Over the past year, there have been several hacks that have shown that some systems in the US are vulnerable to attack. In the past, Giuliani has been outspoken on the nation’s unpreparedness to deal with cyber attacks on the nation. Since the Trump team felt Giuliani would not survive a confirmation hearing this appears to be a “thank you for your service during the campaign” gift from Donald Trump.

Source: FOX News