Donald Trump Talks about Russia, Merkel and Brexit

Donald Trump Talks about Russia, Merkel and Brexit

Recently, president-elect Donald Trump gave an interview for the British publication Times and for the German one. In it, the president-elect talked about some very interesting and important topics and offered his opinion on a lot of current matters. From Brexit, refugees and Russia to Angela Merkel and the problems she might soon face.

Brexit and the refugee problem

Donald Trump said that the main reason why Britain chose to exit the European Union was the fact the Europe accepted so many refugees inside its borders. He even called those refugees “illegals”. He stated that each country wants its own identity intact. So, when so many refugees from the Middle East came and the continent accepted them with open arms, this principle was stepped on. He thinks that this is mainly why Great Britain chose to leave. Soon after, Brexit happened. Moreover, Trump warned that there will be more countries following in its footsteps if something will not change. People do not like this situation, so they will inevitably vote to leave.

Donald Trump also criticized German chancellor Angela Merkel. He stated that she and her policies are the main reason why the European Union is now having a hard time. She tried to gain control over the entire organization by making these decisions, but things turned out horribly wrong. Now, she might soon be facing some consequences, especially that this year is election year in Germany. Trump said during those interviews that from Monday, he will begin signing some orders. Those are destined to restrict travel from Europe into the United States. Also, that he would impose harsh restrictions to those people coming from problematic territories, especially those dealing with terrorists.

Ongoing NATO criticism

As for NATO, the president-elect said that it is an organization formed many years ago. In conclusion, he thinks that it can no longer keep up with what is going on in modern times. Moreover, one of his biggest problems with it is that many countries do not pay what they must pay in order to keep the alliance going. Trump also said that NATO is not doing anything to stop terrorism. If they are not taking part in the world’s most urgent issue right now, why do they still exist?

With Russia, Trump said that he wants to make some good deals. He was especially referring to a deal which will reduce the country’s nuclear arsenals and ease sanctions against Kremlin. President Barack Obama imposed those sanctions on Russia for its involvement in Ukraine. Also, for the Syrian war and the e-mail leaks which might have altered the outcome of the presidential election in the United States. Now, Trump said that things will not be so bad for Russia after all, even if now the country is suffering a lot. Everyone knows that Donald Trump really appreciates Russian president Vladimir Putin. He was not shy to say it many times during his campaign.

All in all, these latest remarks offer an insight into Trump’s head. Also, into what may happen once he officially becomes president of the United States. And that moment is fast approaching.

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