Trump Continues to Search for National Security Advisor

Trump Continues to Search for National Security Advisor

The president’s national security advisor is one of the most important people around him. He is the man who collects data and informs the president, in this case, Donald Trump, about the crisis situations happening all over the world. He is also the one who often takes the blame for White Houses’ mistakes. Everybody knows that the person who has been the security adviser for just two months, Michael Flynn, has been fired. He reportedly had discussions with the Russian ambassador to the United States about the sanctions which the country imposed on the European giant. Flynn was not completely honest about his ties during the briefings and vice president Mike Pence repeatedly defended him. However, Flynn admitted that the discussions indeed happened but blamed his faulty memory for failing to mention them. Pence felt betrayed and responsible because he trusted Flynn and defended him from such allegations.

Finding another national security advisor

Now, it seems like president Donald Trump needs to face one of the biggest challenges yet. He needs to find another security adviser to fill the vacant spot left by Flynn. On Sunday, four candidates for the job visited Trump at his Mar-a-Lago resort in Florida, which he named his “weekend White House”. They all came to have face to face interviews with the president. The four nominees are former UN ambassador John Bolton, Lt. Gen. Robert Caslen, the acting national security advisor Keith Kellogg and Army strategist H.R. McMaster. According to Trump, he already has a favorite among them. He also promised that he would take the final decision in a few days.

Trouble within the White House

Even if president Donald Trump insists that his administration is working very nicely and like a “fine-tuned machine” however, Democrats stalling his cabinet positions have slowed things down. One of those problems has to do with some internal issues at the highest levels. More precisely, the role which chief strategist Steve Bannon is currently filling and which, according to many, exceeds what a chief strategist should do.

Bannon has a permanent seat on the National Security Council. The problem here is that Senator John McCain was one of the people who stated that by doing this, Trump might want to hold influence over the National Security Council too. So, placing one of his men inside it all might just do the trick. It is interesting to note that the president’s first choice to replace Flynn, retired Navy Vice Admiral Bob Harward, turned him down. He said that some familiar and financial reasons stop him from accepting this kind of job. However, rumor has it that Harward actually refused to be the new National Security Advisor for fear that he might not have complete power of decision over some situations.

All in all, it will be interesting to see who will president Trump choose as the new National Security Advisor and if things will take a turn for the right inside the White House. Until now, they have not been quiet and peaceful at all.

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