Did Trump Steal his Speech from Batman Villain Bane?

Did Trump Steal his Speech from Batman Villain Bane?

At his inauguration, president Donald Trump held a speech which sounded rather familiar to many people. Especially to super hero fans. What is the connection? Well, many argued that Trump’s 2017 inauguration speech resembled a bit too much that of Batman villain Bane from Christopher Nolan’s “The Dark Knight Rises” movie from 2012. The speech which the president delivered on Friday has a paragraph which is centered around the exact same ideas as Bane’s. It even uses some of the same words.

Like Bane, Trump wants to “give power to the people”

The main idea of Donald Trump’s speech was his wish to “give power to the people”. Coincidentally (or not), the speech which Bane delivers during the movie also has the same idea and it is said in a similar manner. You can read the two very similar passages here. Even the context of the two speeches is somewhat similar. Trump delivered it after becoming the 45th president of the United States. Bane delivered it after he took control of the fictional city of Gotham.

In his speech, Trump talks about taking the power and giving it back to the people. He said that for far too long Washington did everything it could in order to prosper and be stable. However, the people of America did not have jobs or peace. The capital was under protection, but the people were left unprotected and vulnerable. Moreover, he stated that they often celebrated victories, but those did not belong to the people. Trump ended by dedicating that very moment to the people, to the citizens and their ideals. People on the internet quickly drew parallels between Trump and Bane and even modified pictures with them. In some of them, Trump was wearing Bane’s famous face mask.

Not a first in the Trump family

However, many people should already know that this was not the first time someone whose name is Trump stole fragments of someone else’s speech. Last year, first lady Melania Trump copied a good chunk of one of Michelle Obama’s speeches and delivered it during her husband’s campaign. The worst part was that Melania did not even care to change some words from that 2008 speech. Her 2016 speech was almost identical to the one Michelle Obama said.

Apart from the speech scandal, Trump’s inauguration was also criticized for another, more interesting and unexpected reason. The design of the inauguration cake was almost identical to the one made for Obama’s inauguration in 2013. Chef Duff Goldman, the one who made the original cake, tweeted the proof and stated that he did not make Trump’s cake.

What is more bizarre is the fact that the company which made Trump’s inauguration cake actually admitted to copying Obama’s 2013 one. According to them, they were asked to make a cake similar to that one and they were honored because it was a masterpiece. So, it seems like Donald Trump began his time as president surrounded by controversy and scandals. However, he is used to these kinds of things, so it should not bother him one bit.

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