Trump Delivers Ultimatum to House Republicans

Trump Delivers Ultimatum to House Republicans

On Thursday night, United States president Donald Trump delivered an ultimatum to the House Republicans. They should either vote for his health-care bill meant to repeal and replace Obamacare, on the House floor on Friday or, vote against it. The president said that he will leave the bill behind and move on to other important legislative businesses. Trump transmitted this message through his aides who held a private meeting. He stated that there have been enough negotiations. The Republicans met late on Thursday night, with the sole purpose of trying to find a balance in what concerns the health-care bill. House Speaker Paul D. Ryan crafted it, and this is the reason why those who are opposing the bill are mockingly calling it “RyanCare”.

A risky move

However, what the president did might prove to be a very risky move. Both he and Speaker Ryan have proved in the past that they are very good negotiators. They also invested lots of time, effort and even their own political image in trying to get rid of the Affordable Care Act, introduced by the Obama administration in 2010. During the presidential campaign, Trump had the aura of a very experienced negotiator, especially in dealing with the masses and convincing them of various things. Still, if the bill fails, the people might get the idea that their president is not able to pass important legislation. And this is crucial in order for him to become that good and respected leader. Also, this situation might affect some of his other legislative efforts. Most importantly, if Trump’s bill is not going to pass, ObamaCare would remain active.

Some are backing it, some are not

Immediately after the meeting was over, the president posted a message on Twitter which was full of very suggestive hashtags. Some of them announced, after the meeting, that they would support the bill. Speaker Ryan stated during the meeting that, for almost eight years, they have been promising to get rid of ObamaCare. It is difficult to understand why this measure has been difficult to do. The House Republicans have sent many health care repeal bills to President Obama that have been vetoed. 

Also, during the same Thursday meeting, Brian Mast, a lawmaker, offered a very emotional moment. He rose from his chair and encouraged everyone to support the bill and unite as he and his comrades did in battle. In 2010, he served as an Army bomb disposal technician in Afghanistan. Following that, he lost both his legs.

It is interesting to note that the Congressional Budget Office’s recent analysis of the bill concluded that, even with the changes the House leaders made to it on Monday, by 2026, 24 million more Americans would still be left without an insurance. So, Trump’s health-care bill still has its issues and it is now completely unclear whether or not it would pass the vote on Friday.

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