Trump Vows Not to Go Into Syria

Trump Vows Not to Go Into Syria

On Wednesday, President Trump told the New York Post that the United States is not going into Syria.

 We’re not going into Syria, Our policy is the same. It hasn’t changed. We’re not going into Syria,

The president said.

In a separate interview with Fox News Trump had a similar message: “We’re not going into Syria.”

Last Week’s Strike a Response to the Chemical Attack

America has hundreds of soldiers in Syria working in to stabilize the region by driving out Islamic State militants. The Syrian government has been fighting the ISIS and rebels for more than six years.

Last week’s strike on a military airbase was a response to Syrian President Bashar Assad’s alleged chemical attack on his people a few days earlier. Trump ordered the attack after seeing the heart-breaking images of Syrian children gasping for life in their parents’ arms.

He said that after seeing the pictures, he called Gen. Mattis and asked him to come with a list of options. Trump said the surgical airstrike he picked hit Syrian government forces “very hard.”

The president had repeatedly said that the U.S. won’t get involved in the Middle East conflict, but added that if he sees Assad using poisonous gas on his people, which not even the “worst tyrants in the world” didn’t use, there would be consequences.

Trump recently said that President Obama should have carried a similar airstrike in 2013 when the government forces carried out a similar attack. He added that the country would have been a lot better off now if the Obama administration had done what Trump has.

Trump Had Urged Obama Not To Attack Syria

In 2013, on the other hand, the billionaire urged Obama not to retaliate. In a tweet dated Jun. 16, 2013, he said the U.S. should “stay the hell out of Syria” as the rebel forces are just as dangerous as government troops.

In a Sept. 13 tweet, he voiced concern that if the U.S. attacked Syria and it hit the wrong target, “there will be worldwide hell to pay.” He urged Obama to stay away from the Syrian conflict and fix America instead.

Two days later, he wrote in full caps that the U.S.’ ‘VERY FOOLISH LEADER’ should not strike Syria. The real estate tycoon warned that “VERY BAD THINGS” would happen and the U.S. would end up with no real benefit.

Trump’s remarks in this Wednesday’s interviews are the first public statements he made after the airstrike. According to a CBS survey, more than half of Americans think the retaliatory attack was a good thing to do, but broader military intervention should not follow it.

Around 57 percent of respondents, of whom 84 percent were Republicans, said they approved of the airstrikes. Around 69 percent, though, said Trump should ask for Congress’ permission before making his next move. Just 18 percent back a full military intervention to overthrow the Assad regime.

Trump also said that the country’s mission in Syria remains unchanged: to get rid of ISIS. He explained that when he saw the images of kids choking to death, he just had to strike Assad to hit him hard.

We hope he won’t do any more gassing,

He told the Washington Post.
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