Trump vs. Clinton Debate. The Facts and the Lies

Trump vs. Clinton Debate. The Facts and the Lies

On Monday night, Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton confronted each other in the presidential debate. And, in his usual style, Trump managed to squeeze in some lies along with some very impolite interruptions and gestures. These are some of the most interesting facts that were said during the debate, along with a reality check of some lies belonging to Trump.

Truth will set Trump free

As we all know, Trump does not have a very friendly relationship with the truth. This came out numerous times during the debate. Every time Clinton accused him of saying something (usually terrible), he would protest against it. The bad thing is that sometimes there’s proof supporting that matter.

In an exchange with moderator Lester Holt, Trump repeatedly said that he opposed the Iraq War. Which is false! He made a lot of false claims on stage while Clinton chose to only talk about the facts. Trump also accused Clinton of birtherism. He was actually the one who spread the lie according to which Barrack Obama was not born in the U.S. Trump kept the rumor alive even after Obama made his birth certificate public. He insisted on the fact that the murder numbers are raising in New York, which is false as well. The murder rate is actually 4.3% lower this year than it was last year.

Hillary strikes back

Hillary Clinton accused Trump of calling the climate change problem a “hoax created by the Chinese”. Nothing truer! Even so, the republican candidate angrily answered that this was a lie and that he has never said that. In fact, he has. He has tweeted many times about this situation and even called it “a hoax created by the Chinese”, exactly as Clinton said. You cannot really become president when you’re lying to everybody’s face and they all know the truth.

Donald Trump also said that Clinton has been fighting against ISIS her “entire adult life”. The only problem is that he apparently doesn’t know math. ISIS was born in 2006 after splitting from Al-Qaeda. Hillary was born in 1947. How does this count as fighting against something your entire adult life?

Another fact that Trump got wrong is that Ford is leaving the U.S for Mexico, resulting in a cut in jobs. While Ford is indeed opening a plant in Mexico, the company will not leave the U.S anytime soon. His misogyny showed too. And guess what, he lied about it too. He explicitly denied calling pregnancy “an inconvenience” to workers. Even when Clinton reminded him about it, he simply denied saying it. Except for the fact that, you guessed it, he did, in a 2004 interview. We understand that you Mr. Trump are a gift from God, but you surely came from a woman’s belly. Don’t deny this too!

All in all, the debate was a good thing that showed so many people who the candidates really are. This debate might have changed the minds of some, it might have convinced others. No matter where you’re standing, we hope you’ll make the right decision.

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