Is Trump vs. Club for Growth in Healthcare Battle

Is Trump vs. Club for Growth in Healthcare Battle

It seems like president Donald Trump’s health bill meant to repeal and replace Obamacare will put him face to face with an old enemy. The conservative group called Club for Growth. The group spent millions of dollars trying to fight Donald Trump and defeat him during the republican presidential primaries. They made huge efforts, ran anti-Trump ads, confronted him on his favorite battleground, Twitter and even searched for controversial issues in his past. We all know how that ended. The Club for Growth was not able to defeat Trump and his wave of popularity, at the time. Now, it seems like the group has decided to reemerge from the ashes and fight the now-president once more. This time, they want to stop his American Health Care Act.

The fight for the American Health Care Act

If 22 vote no the bill will stall, however, reports are stating that 25 Republicans are planning to vote no. On Thursday in an official statement, Club for Growth President David McIntosh said that what Republicans promised has nothing to do with this “RyanCare” (from speaker Paul Ryan), as many people are calling it. They promised to get rid of ObamaCare’s taxes, cut costs and increase the health insurance competition. However, the American Health Care Act does not do this. This is why they are fiercely opposing it.

The Club for Growth spent about $500,000 on an ad campaign to stop the bill. This campaign pushes 10 republicans to reject the bill on Thursday, during the House floor vote. It seems like only five of them confirmed that they will reject the bill, while two of them are currently on the fence. Two other Republicans, Tom MacArthur and Darrell Issa, who were previously targets of the ad, are now supporting the bill. The latter reportedly changed his mind after Trump’s meeting with the House Republican Conference, on Tuesday.

Some agree to it

However, even if there is a strong campaign against Trump’s American Health Care Act, there are some people who are actually supporting the bill. For example, Steve King switched his vote to yes after meeting the president. It is interesting because the Club for Growth donated over $250,000 to him, since 2012. David Schweikert, a Freedom Caucus member also switched his vote and now supports the bill. The Club also donated him $2,000.

Interestingly enough, the Club for Growth is not the only such Republican group which is strongly opposing the health bill. FreedomWorks and Heritage Foundation are also encouraging members to vote no on Thursday’s vote. The Club for Growth has attacked Trump before too. For example, in 2016, ahead of the Iowa caucuses, they invested $1 million in anti-Trump ads. The same thing happened ahead of the Illinois primary too. At the time, the group called Trump “the worst kind of politician”. All in all, we will see if the president’s American Health Care Act is going to pass the vote on Thursday, on the House Floor. Also, if this fierce campaign is going to work or not.

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