Trump White House Is on Edge

Trump White House Is on Edge

“It’s leaks and tweets and frenzy,” a senior White House official described the atmosphere in the White House in the wake of recent scandals surrounding the president and his associates. Reportedly, White House staffers are being “slapped in the face every day,” they wake up not knowing what the day may bring forth, and are increasingly frustrated about looking amateurish in responding to damning media reports.

The White House is also very anxious about the president’s nine-day trip overseas since it could lead to a whole new set of challenges for the struggling administration. Some of Trump’s aides believe the president has failed to properly handle the scandals which negatively impacted his staffers.

President Trump Is Not Being Helpful

Trump thinks he is the victim of a “witch hunt” and recently complained that no politician in modern history has been treated such unfairly as him. Trump says he’s under attack from the media, government leakers, and Washington institutions.

  This is the single greatest witch hunt of a politician in American history!,

the president wrote on Twitter Thursday.

Meanwhile, his deputy attorney general Rod Rosenstein has appointed a special prosecutor to look into the Trump campaign ties to the Russian government and the alleged Russian interference in the 2016 presidential election.

On Thursday, the lawmakers that had just discussed with Rosenstein said the Russia-Trump probe was quickly heading to a criminal investigation.

What’s more, Trump’s agenda is at risk, with several reports revealing the president was advised to seek outside counsel as no one in the White House can be trusted.

Ex FBI Director James Comey left a memo that revealed Trump has pressured him into dropping the Flynn investigation. And there may be other memos from the FBI chief whom Trump fired last week. It is worth noting federal agents’ memos during ongoing investigations can be used as evidence in the nation’s courts.

Not Everyone Panicked Yet

However, some White House officials haven’t pushed the panic button yet. They said they are now focusing on the president’s incoming trip. “Not going to add to the noise,” one Trump aide said.

Another official said the recent media scandals have not sidetracked most in the White House, despite what the media is saying. When someone asked the official how his colleagues cope with the tidal wave of negative media coverage, he replied that they do it like they have done it every day since Trump’s inauguration.

The White House has dramatically reduced its on-air presence to avoid contradicting statements on pressing issues. White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer, who used to be more open to journalists’ questions, now only provides short answers or simply fends off questions.

Trump’s allies said that it is wiser now to keep a low profile since the administration cannot defeat the press. Doing otherwise would just add more fuel to the fire of controversies.

Rep. Peter King who reportedly advised Trump to stop tweeting said that if the White House addresses every controversy there would be leakers every day.

You can’t be responding to every leak,

the lawmaker said.
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