Trump Stunning Response To Russian Aggression

Trump Stunning Response To Russian Aggression

According to an interview with Reuters on Thursday, United States president Donald Trump really wants to update and expand the country’s nuclear power. His wish is for the country’s nuclear arsenal to be top notch. However, according to him, the United States is a little behind when it comes to this problem. He also stated that it would be preferable to not have nukes in any country. However, if this is the situation, the United States needs to be at the “top of the pack”.

Against a nuclear agreement with Russia

During this same interview, president Trump also said that he is opposed to a nuclear agreement with Russia. This agreement would limit the deployment of atomic warheads. Moreover, he criticized Russia’s recent deployment of a cruise missile. It violated an arms control treaty and Trump promised to discuss the situation with Russian president Vladimir Putin during their next meeting. He reportedly also told Putin that the country would not renew the 2010 New START treaty on nuclear arms reduction because it did not help the United States at all.

During the interview, which took place at the White House inside the Oval Office, president Trump also criticized North Korea’s missile tests. Apart from that, he opinionated that if China wanted to really put an end to the North Korean threat, it could have easily done so. Donald Trump talked about wanting to extend the country’s nuclear power during his presidential campaign too. However, those are the first clear statements he made in this regard since taking office.

“Let’s start making good deals!”

The president stated that the country really needs to start making “good deals” from now on. No more agreements from which the United States gains nothing or helps other nations. Referring to the North Korea’s missile tests, Trump said that it is “very late” to meet with North Korean leader Kim Jong-Un. What is done is done. The president also attacked the Obama administration and said that this missile issue with North Korea is not recent. Obama should have taken care of it before the end of his mandate. He left things unfinished and now it may be too late to do something.

As for how could the countries defend themselves from North Korean aggression, he said that a missile defense system would solve the issue and defend Japan and South Korea. Trump doubled down on the fact that the New START treaty only favored Russia and not the United States. He also said this during his presidential campaign. In consequence, he would not renew it. He reportedly told this to Russia president Vladimir Putin too, in his first call since becoming president, in January.

All in all, it would be interesting to see what approach will president Donald Trump take in regards to these situations. People have asked what President Trump would do in response to Russia and this seems to be a start. If Russia and North Korea want to ramp up then so will we. My guess is that no matter what the President does he will critizied for it. They will say he’s a warmonger or too soft with Russia. 

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