Twitter Revamps Anti-Troll Tool, Allows You to Retweet Yourself

Pirate troll

After a recent update, trolls can no longer stalk and contact Twitter users.

Twitter has updated its timeline with two major features so trolls can no longer stalk you and you can repost your older tweets when no one else does.

The micro-blogging site expects events such as the Orlando gay bar shooting to spur a wave of criticism on its platform. So, in order to keep trolls from harassing other users, the site has not banned them altogether but made their digital existence a little bit harder.

Under the new update, if you have blocked a troll’s account, he or she can no longer view your posts, send you direct messages or follow you. Additionally, your posts won’t be visible on the troll’s timeline anymore.

Yet, you may stumble upon the troll on at least two occasions: if an account you follow mentions the blocked troll or if you and the blocked troll appear in the same message. We learned these hacks from the site’s support pages.

The measure was announced Monday, but the company unveiled the juicy details today on its Safety page.

Prior to the update, blocked trolls could still see what you post if your messages were quotes in other people’s tweets. But after the changes, blocked accounts can no longer contact you or see what you’re up to on Twitter.

The company added that the measure has not been sparked by a special event such as the racists debates on the site triggered by the presidential race. Twitter’s top executive Omid Kordestani clarified that the micro-blogging site remains open to “all voices” including people with a racist mind-set.

Kordestani explained that these conversation help diffuse people’s anger who would otherwise vent their frustrations on the country’s streets.

“Instead of tanks and troops rolling in the street, you have this conversation,”

he said.

Recently, the company also inserted a retweet button so users can repost their older tweets or quote themselves if their peers don’t do it and they believe that something really good risks to go unnoticed.

So now expect the timeline to be flooded with years-old jokes and quotes from your narcissistic friends. Fortunately, you can retweet yourself a single time.

The new feature which was rolled out this week also allows you to quote yourself and post older tweets with new tweets attached to them. But if this update left you unimpressed wait to see what Twitter has in store.

Reportedly, photos, videos and hastags will no longer exhaust the 140 character limit in a future update. Plus, the site plans to get rid of the @ when users reply publicly.

Image Source: YouTube