Two Huge Birthday’s Today: FLOTUS and Betty White

Two Huge Birthday’s Today: FLOTUS and Betty White

Today there were two absolutely huge birthdays. First, the iconic actress Betty White turns 95 and second, First Lady Michelle Obama turns 53.

Betty White is an iconic actress best known for her performance on the “Golden Girls”. She thanked her fans saying:

“I just appreciate the fact that people have been so kind to me all these years,” White says. After more than 75 years working in showbiz, she adds, “the fact that I’m still working — that’s the thing I’m most grateful for, that I still get asked for jobs.”

During an interview, White was asked by Katie Couric to comment on Presidential politics and how the country seems divided.

“It’s the time to buckle down and work positively as much as you can,” she says. “Just think, ‘All right, there’s nothing I can do about that right now. But I can do my best in my little circle. So if I do that, maybe you’ll do your best and we’ll get through this.’”

Second, today is also First Lady Michelle Obama’s birthday. The President, Barrack Obama dominated Twitter today with a wonderful post about his wife. On Friday Michelle Obama will hand the title of First Lady to Melina Trump.

Source: Yahoo News, Twitter