Typhoon Meranti hits Taiwan: The World’s Strongest this Year!

Typhoon Meranti hits Taiwan: The World’s Strongest this Year!

Today, tens of thousands of homes in Taiwan were affected by the Super Typhoon Meranti. The homes lost power as the storm hit the island. Meranti is considered the world’s strongest storm this year! Numerous flights were cancelled along with many schools and some businesses. In addition, many trees fell to the ground breaking in their fall the electricity cables, thus leaving people in complete darkness.

Taiwan’s Central Weather Bureau said that the storm (which is a Category 5 one) would affect many cities from the south and east, cities like Kaohsiung and Hualien. Strong winds, torrential rain and floods are expected. People are warned to be prepared and to flee if the situation becomes dangerous and extreme.

Typhoon Meranti came with winds of 134 mph. Numerous trees fell down thus breaking the power cables. The typhoon is considered to be the strongest one this year. On a scale of 1 to 5, called the Saffir-Simpson Hurricane Wind Scale , typhoon Meranti is a Category 5 storm. The strongest one. Its impact on Taiwan will be the hardest on Wednesday.

Houses left with no power

In Kaohsiung, many schools and businesses have closed. Furthermore, the authorities evacuated a number of approximately 1500 locals because of the danger. Those were the numbers provided by the Central Emergency Operation Centre. This emergency measure was taken in order to avoid the losses of human lives and to protect the population from the storm.

Therefore, nearly 200 000 homes were left with no power and all the flights from Kaohsiung have been cancelled, including the international ones. With a storm this powerful it is not recommended to let any plane take flight. Taiwan will continue to be affected by the storm on Wednesday and also on the first part of Thursday. After this, the typhoon will move over towards China.

China will be hit too

Typhoon Meranti will most likely reach the southern regions of China on Thursday evening. People are already preparing for its arrival. Authorities cancelled many train routes and some people are ready to be evacuated. Some flights will be cancelled too. The east of China also prepared, especially fishermen who were advised to take shelter on land. Trawlers were asked by the authorities to return to harbor. This could be the strongest typhoon to hit eastern China since 1969.

But it is not unusual for a typhoon to hit at this time of the year. They are known to become more powerful as trey cross the Pacific Ocean. After that, they will bring extremely powerful storms and winds wherever they will hit. This is not something to ignore. In this kinds of situations people are advised to listen to the authorities and to not venture alone near the storm.

Not an isolated case

Typhoon Meranti is not the only strong storm that hit Taiwan. Two months ago, typhoon Nepartak hit central and southern areas of the country causing damage and forcing people to evacuate the area. Also in 2009, typhoon Morakot caused massive destruction in the south of Taiwan, killing almost 700 people and causing damages worth of $3 billion.

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