Sprinter Tyson Gay ‘s Daughter murdered in Kentucky

Sprinter Tyson Gay ‘s Daughter murdered in Kentucky

On Sunday, Olympic sprinter Tyson Gay ’s daughter was struck in the neck by a stray bullet. It all happened outside of a barbecue spot in Kentucky where she was with her friends. Trinity Gay was just fifteen years-old and was dreaming of following in her father’s footsteps. She was already very talented and considered a rising star by many.

Her parents are devastated

Her mother, Shoshana Boyd, found the strength to talk to the reporters. She said that Trinity was such an innocent child. Also, she feels that a mother should never have to bury her own child. She addressed the shootings which are happening more and more all over the U.S. by saying that those people should be stopped. They do not realize what pain they are inflicting on many people. Boyd told the reporters that Trinity actually wanted to become a surgeon, but she also inherited her father’s passion, running.

Trinity went to the same high school as her father, Tyson Gay,  before her. When he was tested positive for steroids in 2013, Trinity told him that she would be the one to get him the golden medal. She reportedly went to Florida to visit Tyson on her fall break, last week.

How it happened

She was reportedly shot at 4 a.m. Just before that, Trinity took to Tweeter and posted a note about a gunfire at the eatery she was in with her friends. According to the Police, people in two cars started shooting at each other on the street where the restaurant was at. The police forces explained that the fifteen-year-old girl was not in any of the cars, but on the street after she had eaten there with her friends. Reportedly, a stray bullet hit her in the neck, fatally wounding her. She was taken to the nearest hospital in a private car but unfortunately, there was nothing that could have been done for her.


Two people have been questioned by the police. One of them, 21-year-old Dvonta Middlebrooks, was arrested. The police also charged him with possession of a firearm by a convicted felon. He reportedly fired many shots during the incident. But it is still unclear whether he was the one who killed Trinity. The police did not charge the other man. A car was found after the incident and witnesses are saying that it was involved in the shootout. The second car is yet to be found by the police. An investigation for homicide is ongoing.

This is another proof that the U.S. has not done anything to stop the random shootings which are happening more and more often. People all around are presenting their condolences to Trinity’s family and friends. Many have started saying that this kind of America is not the one they want, and not the one they should live in. Nowadays, it is not safe to just walk on the street. You might just get killed for being there at the wrong time. And what is worse is that many children are falling victims to these mindless attacks.

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