U.S. Citizen Charged with Supporting Terrorist Group


Trump’s comments are being used by terrorist groups to recruit new adepts

U.S. Citizen charged with supporting terrorist group al-Shabab after appearing in two of their videos.

The Department of Justice has charged Maalik Alim Jones, a citizen of the United States living in Maryland after he has been recognized in the Somali militant group’s propaganda videos which were recovered from another member of the terrorist group.

According to the DoJ Jones, 31, recived military training from the terrorist group when he travelled to Somalia in July 2011. Al-Shibab militants trained the American in operating weapons. He then became part of Jaysh Ayman, the specialized fighting force of Al-Shabab. Investigators also claim that Jones took part in some of the group’s fights against the military forces of Kenya.

The terrorist group operates in Kenya where they have carried out several attacks in the last few years. The most recent mass shooting took place in April 2015 at Garissa University College, where 148 people have been killed by gunmen.

The Department of Justice characterizes Al-Shabab as a foreign terrorist organization and the State Department put a $6 million on the head of its leader, Abu Ubaidah.

For involving with one of the most dangerous terrorist groups in the world that have sworn to destroy America, Jones will have to face the justice in an U.S. federal court in Manhattan. The man faces the maximum sentence for his deeds – life imprisonment.

According to the FBI’s assistant director in charge of the New York office, Diego Rodriguez, Jones has been caught by the Joint Terrorism Task Forces of the FBI as he was trying to travel to Yemen.

Jones appears in one of the videos holding a weapon alongside militants who run an attack on a Kenyan military base in June 2015 in Lamu County, killing two soldiers.

During the past two years U.S. authorities have arrested over 75 residents of the United States who had ties with Islamist militant groups.

Earlier in January Al-Shabab released its newest recruitment video featuring Donald Trump’s statements regarding the Muslims. The 52-minutes video shows Trump saying that he would create a surveillance system for all the mosques in the country and that a database with all the Muslims in the U.S. should be created.

Right before the video appeared online Hillary Clinton commented on Trump’s remarks saying they will probably be used by militant groups to recruit jihadists. She said that Trump became ISIS’s best recruiter. Well, it wasn’t quite ISIS but Hillary was right.

Image source: pixabay