The U.S. has a new President, Donald Trump. What will happen now?

The U.S. has a new President, Donald Trump. What will happen now?

The people of the United States of America have elected their new president. And it is not a woman. It is Donald Trump. So what happened since everyone was so sure that Hillary Clinton would win? Reality happened.

Make America great again

Donald Trump ‘s supporters started celebrating with champagne when the exit polls and the early returns were rolling in. Their favorite apparently won key states like Florida. Meanwhile, Hillary Clinton stood silent and watched the unexpected outcome. No words were needed. Actions spoke today.

But we need to shake off this feeling and try to think straight. Now, that Donald Trump is the new president of America, will he actually make it better again? There must be a reason why so many people choose him. It was maybe that people were already expecting what Hillary Clinton was about to do as president, given the fact that she was secretary of state and in politics for about four decades. So they voted for change. Maybe not the best one, but the only one available.

People found themselves in Trump ‘s words

Maybe there was something in Trump’s words which appealed to them. They found themselves and their ideas in what Donald Trump said. He simply appealed to the ordinary, working class people. Trump talked often about Brexit, when people of Great Britain voted to leave the European Union. This is strongly reminiscent of that. The shock factor? Great, but if people would have payed attention, they would have seen that some polls and predictions were indicating towards a Trump victory. But many of them chose to ignore those. They seemed unimportant and too wild to be true. But reality is always better than fiction.

America! Where to?

For a long time, Trump struggled in the polls. And Clinton was way ahead in states like Michigan, Wisconsin and Pennsylvania. So her campaign was sure that she would be the first female president of the United States. Then the leaked emails scandals came, when the director of the FBI announced that she might be subject to an investigation, just days before the election. Not to say that this is what caused Hillary to lose, because it is not.

Trump has had his own share of controversy when many women accused him of sexual assault. But there was a significant difference between their scandals. While Trump was accused of something he did in his personal life, far from the eyes of the press and without affecting his political career (non-existent until now, and what a way to kick it off), Clinton was dealing with more politically-related problems. Those emails were part of her career, not her personal life. What Trump did may have seemed horrible, but what Clinton did put her winning chances at risk.

We cannot help but wonder what is going to happen now. This could be the best or the worst decision America has ever made. A decision which will end up in history books. It might be the start of something completely new. It might be the beginning of the end. But the people of America were the ones who chose this, so when the time comes and maybe they will be unsatisfied, there will be someone right there to remind them that nobody forced their hand. They said to expect the unexpected. But unexpected does not even begin to describe the current situation.

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